First Snow For This Winter

I think winter is just in too much of a hurry this year!  It should be late fall, not winter.  Most years, we will get a bit of a snow flurry now and then in November, but it rarely even sticks to the ground until the end of the month.  Even then, it’s not more than a soft, thin coating.

This year, the first snow came on Friday.  We got eight inches!  It closed the schools, which is a rare thing to happen here.  I took a few pictures as the snow fell.

I should have waited to snap the picture of this tree after the snowfall.  It ended up being so much snow, and very heavy and wet snow, that it almost flattened it!  I went out and knocked of as much as I could, and the tre is now standing back up again.  I can’t believe it didn’t break the branches!


Here is another shot of our front yard and beyond.  Again, we did get more snow after this.  I thought it was pretty, even though I hate driving in the stuff!


Now, the temperature has dropped to 10 degrees ( fahrenheit),  and is supposed to stay this way for a while.  I don’t think the white stuff is going away anytime soon!  I hope you all are staying warm and comfy.