Bloggers are Sleeping Giants


I wish I had the courage to actually write what’s on my mind! I love this post.

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Bloggers are sleeping giants. Why do you shut off your glory and pride from the world? Building walls out of fear of condemnation. Do you not realize you are judged simply for walking from point A to point B? What matters then if you skip in motion and perhaps sing a meaningless song? Foolish is the one that believes by remaining silent they do the world a favor. We darken this earth more and more with our tall fences.

I glimpse flashes of brilliance on blogs daily. Writers busy writing to the wind and yet I feel their hearts yearning for a voice. A place to share or possibly a cause to care about, look down idiot you are standing on gold. In each moment we must decide how to present ourselves in this colorless plain of existence we call the interweb. Remove your mask and display your own countenance…

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Zan wants CAKE!

One of the boys I watch  turned 4 on Monday.  When his dad got home, he asked Zan what he wanted for dinner.  It is tradition in that family for the birthday person to pick the dinner.  The conversation went something like this.

Dad: “What do you want for dinner?  You get to pick.”

Zan: “Chocolate cake!”

Dad: “Not dessert, dinner.  Cake is for after dinner.”

Zan: “Chocolate ice cream!”

Dad: “No, not treats!  We need food for dinner.  What dinner would you like to eat BEFORE your cake and ice cream?”

Zan: “Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake!”

Dad sighs and shakes his head.  “We could have hamburgers or pizza, or…”

Zan: “Pizza!”

Dad brightens.  “Pizza?  So pizza for dinner then?”

Zan: “Where is my cake?  Can I have my cake now?”

Another sigh from dad.

I had to leave about then, but as  am leaving all I hear over the roar of 7 children playing is Zan yelling about his cake.