My brain was enjoying a vivid dream when it was rudely

Yanked into reality by the alarm.


Barely able to force my eyes open because of my short night, I

I try to focus on the chore list of the day to get myself going.  I must

Reach into myself and find

The energy to get it all done.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, I chant as I

Drag my body out of bed

And into the new day.  After all, today is the day I celebrate another

Year of life!



Do You Have Dreams?

Here is something I have learned about chasing dreams.

Don’t change yourself too much to fit the dream you have.  If it is meant to be, the dream will fit who you are.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to work to achieve a dream, but don’t lose who you are in the process.

Deep thoughts, I know.

I think it’s due to having a stomach virus and praying to the porcelain goddess for the last 24 hours.  I might be hallucinating and not really even posting anything at all.

Anyway, those are the current words of wisdom from GrannyK.  Enjoy.