The Laundry Loop

“Granny k”, you might say, “What is a laundry loop?”

“First of all,” I answer, “laundry is a never-ending loop.  You wear the clothes, you wash the clothes, you wear the clothes, you wash the clothes, you….well, you get the idea.  Today, I decided to extend the loop.”

You might be confused.  “Whatever do you mean, Granny K?”

“Well, I put in a load of jeans and washed them.”  I answer.  “When it was time to put them into the dryer, I discovered a load of towels that never got put away.  I got started on folding.  Halfway through, I decided to get going on the next load, so turned on the machine to get the water going.  I always put the soap in after some water is in the machine to avoid it making strange marks on the clothes (it really can do that!).  When I opened the washer to add the soap, I discovered that the jeans that I had already washed were still in there!  DOH!”

“oh no!”  You exclaim.  “What did you do?”

“I had to do another spin cycle to empty the water.  I decided to start on other chores while waiting.  After a while, I decided to get going on laundry again, so turned on the water. ”  I sigh loudly.

“Let me guess,”  You might say.  “The jeans were still in there?”

I sigh again.  “Yep.”

Third time is the charm?

Play-Doh is Hard on the Back

So, during a normal work day, I am very active.  I watch kids and play a lot of chase type games.  The kids love it.  I hide and they look for me.  When I am found, I chase them and try to catch them.  If caught, I pick them up and swing them around until we are both dizzy!  I carry the little ones up and down stairs.  I clean up messes.  I am up and down from the floor all day long playing blocks, cars, trains and whatever else.  I climb on the play equipment at the park and go down slides.  It’s all good.

Just don’t ask me to play with Play-Doh.  I was standing at the table, and one of the kids wanted me to smash the Play-Doh flat for them.  No biggie, right?  I make a ball out of it and push down on it to flatten it….and my lower back went into spasms!  This morning, I can barely get around and walk like I pooped my pants or something!

In conclusion, Play-Doh is hard on the back and should be banned from use!

I have two days off and I am sure all will be well by the time I go back to work.  It’s just kind of funny that I hurt myself playing Play-Doh.  Only I can do something like this!