Memorial Weekend

I do hope you all have a safe and fun Memorial Weekend, however you celebrate.  For me, I am shampooing carpets.  They need to be done and it will be nice to get that huge chore done for a while!  I don’t grill, I don’t even own one.  I rarely actually cook.  It’s no big deal as I suck at cooking haha!  I have a three-day weekend and will recharge after being sick for two weeks and be ready to find a new part-time job!  It will happen, even if I am an old geezer!

Enjoy your weekend!


Lost Spider

I had the day off so I decided to be productive and mow our big old back yard.  I opened the shed door and…..and….this was on the door!

I froze.  It was huge.  I usually leave spiders alone if they are outside just doing their spider thing.  But the thoughts of leaving a huge mutant jumping spider in the shed was just too much.  I kept having visions of it jumping on me every time I open the door.  I slowly backed away and then bolted into the house to get a fly swatter.  I didn’t have anything to swat it with and I didn’t want to use my shoe.  I would have been cleaning spider guts off for days.

I go back out with the fly swatter and….it was gone!  The spider was gone!  It took a minute, but I got brave enough to creep inside and get the lawn mower out.  After mowing I had to get the courage to open the door again to put it back.  I slowly open the door, ready to run if needed.  No spider on the door!  I decided to just get that mower back in the shed before I chickened out.  As I was lifting it into the shed, I saw it.  We have a cord storage reel and it was sitting on top of the cords.

“Hi Mr. Spider.  I’m just putting away the mower.  Nothing to see here.”

I just could not leave it alone.  I did NOT want that thing in the shed!  With a burst of courage (or stupidity) I grabbed the handle of the storage reel and threw it out of the shed.  I was sure it would knock the spider off.

I crept up on it, carefully checking the ground as I walked. As I neared it, I saw it burrow into the cords.  It had survived the crash!  Now it was hiding in the cords!

I gently put the storage reel back into the shed and closed the door.

My son will be mowing the lawn from now on.

Problem solved.