Stinky Feet

This kid is a complex person.  He can be the biggest challenge and keeps me on my toes.  He will repeatedly test his boundaries and my patience.  Then, suddenly, he will be the sweetest person and very funny!

After about a 90 minute outside time,  three of the boys and I settled down on the floor with my wooden blocks.  Bray was one of the boys.  He pulled off his shoes to be more comfortable.  After about 30 seconds he looks at me with a pained expression.

“Is something wrong?”  I ask.

“Something stinks!”  he shouts.

He looks down at his feet.

“My feet stink!”

We both had a good laugh.

Yesterday was a great day with the boys.  I truly am blessed to be able to share in the lives of so many wonderful families!


More Kittens *SIGH*

A black cat decided to have kittens in our yard early this spring.  We felt responsible for them since it was in our yard and we cared for them, house trained them, and found homes at the end of April.

So, yesterday, I was setting the sprinkler to water the front yard, when I hear the sound of kittens.  It was coming from the bushes underneath our kitchen window.  There is a gap in the bushes, almost like a round mouse hole.  Guess who strolls out of that hole?  The same black cat!  She had a new batch of kittens just four months after giving her last litter away.

I am heartbroken because I will have to take this batch to the Humane Society.  Our landlord will “get rid” of her this time.  I don’t think he means it in any kind way, either.  I wish we could tame her enough to give her away, too.  We tried.  No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t get her into our cat carrier without being totally shredded.  The lady who was willing to take her changed her mind when she saw how wild this poor cat is.  She will love all over us when she has kittens, just don’t pick her up if you want skin on your body.  She will even run into the house when we open the door.  Then it’s a merry chase to get her out!

If I had money, I could rent a trap and have her spayed.  Several places have coupons for a $50 spay.  I was so excited!  BUT, the $50 turns into well over $200 when they add everything else they have to do.  The coupon doesn’t cover the anesthesia, the 2 day hospital stay (they want her there at least 2 days since she is an outside cat), or all of the shots they say will be mandatory.

As soon as the kittens are old enough to come out of the bushes, I will have the horrible job of taking them in.  It breaks my heart.  If only we could have pets here, I would try to tame her and bring her in to stay!

Thanks for listening…I had to vent.