The Thing About (my) Depression

For whatever reason, I have been having deep thoughts. Well, as deep as they can get for me that is. Most of the time (actually, all of the time) I just think these thoughts and move on but I don’t share them. Lately, I have been posting some of my random deep thoughts on my Facebook page just to release them to the universe. I find as I get older I no longer care if anyone agrees with me or not. I just say my piece and move along.

I can’t remember a time in my life that I didn’t fight depression. It always seemed like I was constantly digging myself out of this deep, dark hole. I was alone in that hole and there was little hope that I would ever get out. At times, I would actually see myself in a hole, such as a deep well, and I would look up. I saw people looking down at me and I wanted to be up in the light with them! I just didn’t know how to get there. I climbed but fell back down. I would dig, but never seemed to make progress.

At some point, not that long ago, I discovered that the people looking down at me were talking. They were shouting at me! Could they be giving me encouragement or support? Maybe, they had ideas of how I can get out of the dark hole! Perhaps I needed to listen to them. I needed to concentrate on their words.

The joke was on me. It turns out that every one of those people looking down at me and yelling was me! I have always been my worse enemy, I just didn’t know it (or at least I didn’t acknowledge it) for most of my life. When I fell into that dang hole, I would look down at myself and cuss myself out. The many clones of me would shout down all of my failures so I would not forgive myself. They would tell me that it will never be light, that I did not live up to what was expected of me. When I would get close to getting out of that hole, they would shove me back in!

Society has rules of how your life should go. If you don’t fit into that mold, this world can be a cruel place. There are certain expectations we are expected to live up to as our lives progress. I always had trouble understanding and following those rules. I wanted to, but my friend OCD made it so very, very hard. I failed over and over again to live up to the expectations.

Or did I?

My mother used to tell me I was too sensitive. I found problems where there were none. I “borrowed trouble”, as she put it. She was so right. I was and still am my worst enemy. But, as I get older, I have slowly let those voices go. The ones that tell me I never did what society expected. All of that seems less and less important. Now, when I fall into that dark place, it’s mostly from worry about what will happen to my kids when I’m gone. They both struggle so hard with the same dang depression and OCD that I did.

The world, our society, even your family and friends, might have opinions on what you should do with your life. Opinions on how you should feel and act. They all want to guide your beliefs to align with theirs. If you don’t, you are odd man out and you might get shoved into that dark hole alone.

That’s okay. If you are not hurting yourself or anyone else with your beliefs and with your life choices, then it doesn’t matter what those other voices say. And do NOT listen to those clones of yourself when they try to yell down at you from up above. The world is harsh enough without beating yourself up about every decision you have made. Turn those voices off, one by one, and your dark hole will slowly fill in.

Retirement Life

It has been so long since I have read blogs or posted! I retired and somehow got so busy that I can’t believe it. I have been slowly catching up on a huge yard that had gone back to nature and very neglected. I kind of like the back to nature look, but I am cleaning out dead bushes and at least making it safe to walk back there!

I somehow have once again attracted all of the feral cats in the area. I’m not sure if it’s a gift or a curse lol! We have five that show up to eat in the mornings. Two have been hanging around all winter, but they still won’t let me anywhere near them and run in terror if the back door opens. That’s okay. I have a few places set up for them to find shelter in secluded spots in the yard and make sure water is out. All of them are male and I think I need to see about trapping them and having them fixed. One appears to be fixed already, so he might just be someone’s cat who has discovered free food haha! We had to have our senior cat put to rest a few months ago. She was 23 years old. She was still very active, but had cancer and was going down quickly. I inherited her from my mother, and did my best to care for her. RIP Ethel!

I love playing Lord of the Rings Online, reading and taking walks. My days go fast! But, I am thinking about working part time again. I did get the steering fixed on the car so it isn’t a death trap anymore. I sometimes miss my cleaning jobs. I don’t miss the child care jobs so much. I have loved the children I have cared for over the years and have learned so much from them. I just don’t have it in me to do it anymore. Just give me my MP3 player with my audio books and a few bathrooms to clean and I’m happy. Make a little money and keep active! I have one cleaning job I do weekly and might add another to help support my gaming habit lol!

I see WP has changed since last I posted! I hope I’m smart enough to figure it out! I am going to go through my blog and clean it up a bit. Some of my old posts are pointless and depressing. No more of that for me. I don’t have enough live left in me for depression and negativity!

I hope everyone has been happy and healthy.