Still Here!!

I have been absent a lot lately!  I had a very busy couple of weeks and then got a stomach virus that hit on Friday night.  I am still feeling poorly, but will be back soon.  Dang virus would have to ruin the weekend.  **grumbles and complains**

Have a wonderful Sunday, All

Deep Thoughts In A Dream

My dream last night was very different.  I still remember it vividly.  It wasn’t a bad dream at all.  I actually woke up feeling okay and the first thing I said to myself was, “Hey, that makes a lot of sense!”

In my dream…

I was with my kids just out and about and saw three young men sitting at a table outside a restaurant.  They were chatting and laughing.  I don’t really remember how two of them looked.  Only that they were young, like early twenties.  The third man had shoulder length curly red-brown hair.  Then, time seemed to be passing, and I would periodically see those same three men together.  But, I noticed that they never aged.  They looked exactly the same no matter how many years had gone by.

One day, as I was watching them with wonder, the curly-headed man saw me watching.  He walked up to me with an expression of curiosity.  He asked if I could see him.  I told him, yes I could see him.  He was surprised that I could see and hear him.

I don’t remember the whole conversation, but essentially it was like this:  He and his friends had passed away long ago.  He had other friends, but they did not go to the same place that he and his other two friends had gone.  He had no idea where they ended up.  He explained that only those who lived very similar lives with similar beliefs ended up together.  Also, since I could see and hear him, and he was able to communicate with me, that meant that my life was on the same track as his was.  We shared similar beliefs.  If I continued on the same path I was on, I would end up at the same place and be stuck there with them forever.  He said he was generally happy with this friends, but he did wish he could leave that place once in a while, but he was stuck there for eternity.  If I didn’t want that fate, I had to change the way I feel, think and treat others.  I must be selfless to a fault.  But, the change must be genuine and not just a ploy to get to a better existence after death.

Now, I have never really believed that there is anything after death.  I just can’t see how it is possible, no matter how much I want it to be true.  I hope I am wrong, I really do.  I want there to be something else and I try to force myself to believe it, but I just have trouble believing in anything that I can’t understand.  I know a lot of religious people who believe with all their hearts, and I must say that I am jealous of them.  It must be nice to have that hope!  I try to keep my mind open to it, and I do hope I am proved wrong for the sake of my family that has already passed.

But, for whatever reason I had this dream, it was strange to wake up and feel like I had just learned something wonderful!  The whole conversation just made sense to me.