Attack of the Eye!

My eyes were fine yesterday.  Just fine and dandy.

Today, I woke to this…(sorry for such a blurry picture)


Red, stinging, blurry and, well,  goopy (ewww!)

What the heck, eye?

I do get infections from allergies, but it’s usually if I have been pulling weeds or if I get into a lot of thick dust.

Maybe I’m allergic to Wednesday?  **sigh**




Dean’z Doodlez Logo In Pencil


If you are interested contact Dean! He is very talented!

Originally posted on Dean'z Doodlez:

Dean'z Doodlez by Dean Kealy Dean’z Doodlez by Dean Kealy Hi guys! Today I’m sharing something a little different. This here is the original pencil illustration I drew when designing the newest Dean’z Doodlez and logo and banner for both sites. I did lots of little WIP sketches before deciding with an image I was happy with, which is my little cartoon glasses that I always draw on myself when I draw my cartoon self. What I did was just draw one half of the glasses (what you see above), and then I scanned that onto my computer and brought it into Photoshop and used the pen tool to create the final design. I was quite pleased with how this came out, which is why I am also sharing it with you guys. (otherwise it would never see the light of day).

If you’re interested in getting your own custom blog logo/header, I am…

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