St Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt

We started our day with a nice big breakfast.  I was afraid the kids would eat too many treats and not want lunch, so I stuffed them full of potatoes, eggs and ham!  Then we went about our usual daily routine because we had to wait until big brother got home from Kindergarten before we could do the treasure hunt.

So, when I picked Z up from school, he had a stomach ache and felt like he might be sick.  He was determined to do the treasure hunt, though, and just took a bowl with him in case he got sick!  He was excited because he can now read and he got to read the clues this year.  A big accomplishment!  It turned out he is fine, he just sometimes has trouble with certain food and I think he had too much dairy or something.  He was okay by the end of the day.

So, the kids followed a “trail” made from green ribbon to find the first clue.   They had to wear their lucky treasure finding headbands to see the treasure!  They looked adorable.  Here and there along the way, they found chocolate coins and lucky green Leprechaun rocks.  They followed a series of clues that had them going all over the house and up and down stairs!  The final clue had them thinking hard to figure out where the gold box of treasure was, but they got it!  It was in the crib!

They had a snack of green jello with green marshmallows.

Fun times.

St Patrick’s Day

The kids I watch (and the ones my daughter watches) LOVE St Patrick’s Day.  They look forward to that more than they do Christmas.  This is the day they get to hunt for Leprechaun treasure!!

Today, the kids and I are making rainbows and pots for gold.  We will hold them up and parade through the house while chanting, “LOOK!  We have rainbows and pots for gold!  Come on Mr. Leprechaun, come hide your treasure!”

Why do we do this?  Because, silly, everyone knows a Leprechaun will be drawn to your house if you do this.  Then, you can find their treasure!

Tomorrow morning, we will make our lucky treasure finding hats.  If I can actually remember my camera, I will get pics.  Then we will go in a room (my son will sit with them while I hide the treasure) and close our eyes and think hard about treasure!  Then it will be time to find it!

See you after our treasure hunt!