My New Adventure

Years ago, I dabbled in direct sales.  I have decided to try it again!  Don’t worry, I won’t be spamming sales posts or anything.  In fact, we are not allowed to!  I just thought I would mention it if you are interested in the products and need a consultant.  I am currently only doing online sales as my job keeps me pretty busy.

The company is Thirty One Gifts and I love their stuff!  I have 3 lunch thermals that I got from them and I am drooling over a couple of the large bags that I could really use for hauling preschool and art supplies around in.  I know someone who sells this and decided to join her team to try to raise the money to buy the things I want!  At a discount, no less!

I made a page that has my site link, but that is all I will do with it here.

If you want to check it out, I will post it once on this post as well.  I am kind of excited because it is something I can do and after I get some inventory I would like doing home parties.  I am a talker, so it’s right up my alley!

Happy Sunday, all.


3am is NOT 5am

So, there is nothing like being up long enough to feed the cats and make coffee before realizing you looked at your alarm clock wrong.  What I thought was 5am was 3am.  I was up for 30 minutes and sipping coffee before seeing the actual time!

And here I thought I had actually slept in.  I was very wide awake and so proud of my actual night of sleep! hahahahaha!!