Electrical Problems

We live in a very old house. Actually, it’s two army barracks that were welded together and then a couple of rooms added to it. It needs a lot of TLC inside and out. My mom lived here for 27 years and then suddenly sold it to her neighbor. I rent it from him and have lived here for about twelve years now, or close to it.

In August, one of the baseboard heaters starting shooting sparks and smoking. It was 100 degrees out so no way was it even turned on. We turned the power off to it and went about our business. The next day, half the house lost power for a few hours. None of the breakers were thrown, so it was odd. It magically came back on by itself. Well, this started a whole adventure for us.

We can’t use seven plug ins and six rooms have to stay dark, or we risk blowing half the house out. Once in a while if I use my washing machine it blows out the power. The stove does the same, and if the hot water heater kicks in there is a 50/50 chance we lose most of our power.

The landlord had an electrician come out and he tried to blame it on the power company. We had them come check things and said the power box was leaking and the switches corroded and most likely needed replacing. This thing was installed in 1976. The electrician said he would do it but he doesn’t work in the hot part of summer and had a couple of other jobs before this. The date was set to be done on October 5th. Almost two months after having the problems start. I wasn’t happy, but I agreed.

On October 3rd, the landlord called him to see what time he would be arriving on the fifth. The electrician said he wasn’t going to do the job because he hurt his back. Okay, maybe he is telling the truth, but why would he not contact us as soon as he knew he couldn’t do it! We waited two fricking months for him.

So, another place was called. One that gets the very best reviews in our area. They agreed that replacing the power box was best and said they would get an estimate to the landlord in a few days. Fast forward eleven days later and no word. When contacted we were told the owner has to approve the estimate before submitting it. I know places are a little behind, but how hard it is to communicate and let us know what is going on????????

In the meantime, the days are getting shorter and we have no lights in the bedrooms, living room, hallway and another odd room that is mostly used for storage and litter box. We can’t even turn on our porch light. I had to buy battery operated lights so we don’t just sit in the dark, and it is pricey keeping up with the batteries. I can’t use my washing machine at all anymore or it blows everything out. I have been hand washing most things and will have to take the rest to a laundry mat.

I want the landlord to contact someone else, but I don’t think he is going to. He is waiting to see what the estimate is. My biggest fear is he will find out it’s too much and will tell us we need to find someplace else. I put up with all the flaws here and I am even repainting the interior at my expense because we get very cheap rent. Anyplace else is going to be way out of my price range and I would rather live with no lights and hand wash clothes than live in my car.

Is everything like this now? Months and months of waiting to get anything done? It’s crazy. Have any of you had a similar experience/

Weather Woes

Okay, I admit I’m never actually happy with the weather. I can find a reason to complain. That’s who I am. That’s my thing.

All summer I about melted and sleeping was even harder than it normally is because it was so hot for so long. We don’t have A/C so there seemed to be no relief. I complained loudly and often.

October is being slightly cooler than normal with very chilly winds. Leaves are falling faster than we can rake. We have our pellet stove and a couple of small baseboard heaters, but we lost some of our heat sources when our power started having issues, and I have no idea when it’s getting fixed. My bedroom is chilly and it’s only going to get worse. So, I complain loudly and often….again.

I can’t wait for snow so I have new material to complain about. Okay, I lied. I can wait for snow. It might be pretty but I don’t like driving in that stuff.

How is the weather where you are?