Busy Summer!

I hope you all are surviving the heat this summer.  It has left me a total slug and I don’t even want to move!

I have fond memories of being a child and loving this kind of heat.  I would sit on the hot sidewalk on a 100 degree day and read or draw on the sidewalk with chalk.  It didn’t even bother me.  I actually loved the feeling of the sun baking me.  Now, once it hits 80 I am wilting and these 100 degree days are brutal!   We don’t have air conditioning so my bedroom is 90 degrees when I go to bed.  But, I am surviving to tell the tale and soon I will be on here complaining about how cold it is.  The great cycle of complaints!

My family has been busy this summer and I have fallen behind on reading my favorite blogs!  Between yard work and the house cleaning business my son has going it’s been much busier than most summers.  We are not rich, but at least we were able to pay our bills this year without having a total breakdown every dang month.

I will be turning 62 in October and have filed my papers to start receiving my retirement.  I know it means I get less each month, but I so need that money early.  I have horrible teeth and am looking forward to having them out and buying ones that won’t crumble away and hurt all the dang time.  I will also cut down on how much I work at the end of this coming school year to very part time.  If I haven’t kicked the bucket by then, I will have time to write!  Now, I just play a video game and read a bit after work and crash out (until 3am.  I can’t sleep past 3am for some reason).

Otherwise all is well.  I hope you all are having a good summer.  I will try to catch up on my reading as soon as I can!  I know you all count on me!  HAHA



Just Write!

I found a quote that I like.

“You don’t start out writing good stuff.  You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it.  That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.”  –Octavia E. Butler

I have dabbled in writing since I was a young teen.  I write and write and then destroy it all because it’s crap.  I love short stories.  I don’t think anyone writes short stories anymore, though.  I always liked how so much could be packed into such a small story!

I seriously don’t know why I even write them only to destroy them.  I have lots of ideas for stories and get all excited.  After I’m done typing it all out, I read it and think, “Why did I think this would be a good story?” and then POOF it’s gone.  I guess it just sounded better in my head.  I have never had a talent for taking what’s in my head and making it feel the same on paper.

My son keeps telling me I should write a book.  I told him a couple of my ideas a long time ago, and he thought it was worth going for it.  Maybe, I’m just scared of failure (no maybe about it, I have always been terrified of failing).  But, I’m not trying to make a living on writing, so maybe I shouldn’t care if it’s well received or not.  I should write for me!

If all goes as planned, I will start receiving my retirement in November and will be working half days.  I am going to make a list of my favorite stories I have in my head and start writing again.  I will then post them here, one chapter at a time.  Heck, I might start doing that before November!  We shall see.

If you love writing, keep doing it!  Even if nobody ever reads it, do it for yourself.