I Had An Idea!

I am excited as an idea popped into my head this morning (a very dangerous thing to have things popping in my old lady brain)!  It is an idea for a new game!  It will be useful for teaching days of the week.  It can be useful to encourage kind and positive behavior.  It can be used to get chores done.  For those who don’t believe in giving rewards, this might not be the game for you as it would involve weekly rewards.  I know all parenting styles are different.  I think it would be great for kids between the ages of three and six, but maybe for younger or a little older kids as well if I make several varieties of the game.

The rewards I speak of are not huge things, but hey, who doesn’t like to be recognized for hard work?

It will be an ongoing activity and fairly small so it won’t take up much room.  I’m not sure ‘game’ is the proper word for this, but it is what I want to call it.  I can put magnets on it so it can stay on the fridge if you don’t mind things on the fridge!  Or find an out-of-the-way place to hang it.

I don’t want to give too much away at this point!  I’m kind of being vague and rambling but I am excited and I like feeling excited!  I will keep you posted on my progress.  I might ask for opinions from time to time as I go along, so I hope you all are willing to give your opinions!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Thinking, Talking, and Posting

What I have realized is that thinking a deep thought you would like to force on someone share with someone isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Sometimes, I get these brilliant insights and when I try to convey it through spoken or written word, it just isn’t the same.  Saying it out loud is easier than typing it, too.  I think it’s because you can’t really express the emotion you feel along with the words.

I should give it a try and make a book of all of my deep thoughts and see if I can con some people into buying it!  If I could draw, I would illustrate it as well.  I’m not sure if stick people would be good enough, though.  Bad stick people at that.

Do you have trouble pulling thoughts from your head and sharing them?  What is your technique?