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Are You Happy With What You Have?

I decided to go through a list of things I’ve learned during my almost 55 years.  I do this out of the kindness of my heart to share my wisdom. *coughbscough* Of course, they are not absolutes since there is a huge variety of people in the world, but these are things I’ve noticed to be popular trends.  I’ve even fallen victim for more of them than I want to admit.  The list of what I’ve learned is far shorter than it should be, but still, I won’t post them all at once.  One at a time will do.

Today’s “truth” is:

No matter how much you have, or what you have, it’s not enoughneedy person

The only person in my life that doesn’t fall into this category would be my mother.  Except for an occasional “I wish we had…”, she is pretty content with what she does have.  I’m guessing it’s because she’s had 77 years to understand how life works, and that complaining about what you don’t or can’t have doesn’t make it appear.  Wouldn’t that be awesome, though?

It’s normal and fine to want things; we all want a lot of fun toys to play with.  We want things to make our lives easier.  We want things to make us comfortable.  Let’s face it, we want things to do the crap of life for us.  Some of us mention things now and again with a wistful tone and a far away look to our eyes.  But there are some that obsess about it, and it’s all you hear when around them.  I get an earful of  “I want”, “I need”, and “I wish”.  After a while I kind of tune them out.

I remember my mother explaining the difference between a want and a need to me.  When I would say I needed something, she would point out that I needed food and water, I only wanted the new toy I saw at the store.  I used that on my own children when they were young.  Now, my kids use it on me now and then when I fall into the old needy trap.

It’s not as easy as you would think to be happy with what you have.  A lot of people have a right to wish and want, as they struggle so hard to survive.  Others just haven’t realized how lucky they are.  I think I fall into the middle of that someplace, as do a lot of us.


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