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Don’t Follow the Crowd?

Sorry for the strange post.  This is how my mind works, or rather doesn’t work, after a few nights of almost no sleep.  It’s been a rough week for that for some reason.  So, now I shall subject you to my wild and random thoughts.  You’re welcome.

You know that old saying…don’t follow the crowd.  My mom used to tell us that all the time.  My question is, what crowd?  Where’s the crowd and where is it going?  There can be safety in numbers, so is following a crowd always a bad thing?  I mean, just look at zombie movies.  The person who gets separated is a goner, every time.  Munch crunch all gone.  So, in some cases it’s a very good thing to follow the crowd.  Unless it’s a crowd of zombies.

Another confusing saying is…well I forget the exact words, but something like…a light at the end of the tunnel.  What the heck would I be doing in a dark tunnel anyway?  Did the crowd go that way?  I know, I know, it means things will get better.  Don’t lose hope and all that.  Usually, things do get better but not always.  Sometimes the light bulb is worn out and you exit the tunnel only to enter another one.

dark tunnel


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