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Good Morning, Sunshine

morning face

This is how I am greeted when I arrive in the morning.  She is so excited to see me!


silly kid

Going a little crazy

Things get a little better as the day goes on, although I think I kind of drive this poor little guy crazy sometimes.

bored toddler

Very stimulating play…or not

This toddler is so happy and excited to be playing with the magnets!  Okay, maybe I bore them at times.

kids in dog run

Time Out!!

Yeah, now how funny is it that you won’t listen to me!  I think the dog is a little confused, too.

Before someone calls the authorities, let me explain the last one.  I didn’t really lock them in the dog run.  They decided to pretend they are dogs and thought it would be fun to be in there.  The gate closed and locked.  I don’t think they appreciated me laughing and taking photos, but you gotta do what you gotta do, am I right?

I love these kids.


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