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Feeling Fall

frosty leafAs the title suggests, I can sure feel fall in the air.  It’s not only the fact that the temperature is finally cooling down.  It’s not only that the leaves are starting to change color.  It’s a feeling I get deep inside at this time of year.  One of sadness.  A feeling it all the way through sadness.

Don’t misunderstand.  I love when we get the type of fall where summer doesn’t want to let go.  Even though the nights and mornings are cooler, the afternoons can still bake you.  I soak in that heat; storing it in my body and memory for the cold months ahead.  I love it when the trees show off their colors proudly.  It can be a beautiful time of year.

But then, the leaves start to fall.  They dry up and become crunchy.  They are dead.  The smell of decay is strong in places as the leaves and flowers go back to the earth.  Soon everything will be bare and grey and cold.  I struggle during those times.  I always pray I will be allowed to see another spring and summer.

This year, I will try to see the beauty in winter.  I can wait while nature sleeps, and rejoice when it awakens.  Happy fall, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Fall

    • I think the worst part of winter (for me) is driving on slick roads. I never got used to it. I just prefer warmth and green and flowers, and not the stark grey and bare trees. But, I’ve lived through 54 winters and I’m sure I will make it through my 55th!

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