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Yes, I am a Party Goer!

Yes, It’s so true.  I am a huge party gal.  I can stay up until the wee hours (11pm or so) and party with the best of them!  Just don’t ask me to dance on the table with a lamp shade on my head.  Those days are behind me.

I’m easy to please, too!  Just give me a drink and I’m good.  Notice I said A drink.  One is all I need.  If I have more, I’m asleep.  I mean flat-out sleeping and snoring.  Just try to keep up with me!  I’m also cheap to feed.  I have a lot of food restrictions.  Give me a carrot and I’m good to go.

Here is a picture of me and my mother at a wild and crazy party.  I made her go with me for moral support.  It was a tea party for a six-year-old girl.  We were requested to wear jewelry and fun hats.  I look a bit goofy, but I have to admit, I liked it!  Now, this is my kind of party!  Tea, juice and lettuce sandwiches…this is the life!  Surrounded by the sounds of children playing and having fun.  I felt right at home.  I think my mom liked it too!

We even have matching shirts!!


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