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One of THOSE Days

I’m having one of those days.  You know the ones.  On those days, nothing goes right and my brain seems to be totally unresponsive.

For starters, when I woke up I couldn’t remember what day it is.  I froze in place, hoping it was Saturday so I could ignore the clock.  I finally decided it was a work day, but I had no idea which one!  By the time I’d washed up and fixed coffee, I had it all sorted out. PHEW!

Next came the “I’m gonna hide things from myself” phase.  I put my coffee cup somewhere.  My camera was somewhere and I wanted to take it with me today.  Glasses?  Oh yes, they are somewhere.  One of these days, I’m going to figure out where that is.

Things got better for a while after that.  I got to work okay and we got through breakfast and dishes just fine.  One of the parents needed to borrow my car, which is fine, but I forgot to grab a bag from it that I needed.  Bye bye preschool stuff I had prepared for the day!  We will see you tomorrow, I guess.

On Tuesdays, I watch an addition two children for a friend of the family I work for.  When they pulled into the driveway, I hurried to get the dog away from the door and get him outside.  He’s a good dog, but has a tendency to jump on people to greet them.  He was right at the front door, and as I grabbed his collar, he…well…farted.  I thought my nose would fall off it was so bad.  It was the kind you can almost taste.  Lovely!  I got him out just as the doorbell rang.  So, I answer the door and let them in.  I’m the only other one in the living room and the air is full of green fumes from the dog.  I’m going to bet they thought it was me.  I’m sure I had a “deer in the headlights” look on my face, too.

It is now 1:00 pm and I hope the worst is behind me.  I decided since it’s a stormy day and nothing is going my way, the kids could pick a movie to watch and I will sit very still on the couch for a while.  I mean, what can go wrong if we do that, right?



2 thoughts on “One of THOSE Days

  1. Laughed out loud! We have a lot in common… though I no longer have the energy to supervise very young children. Can hardly handle my bigger ones.

    I will say, however, that very many of my belongings have migrated to “somewhere”… which must have a tropical ocean and boat drinks because everything is totally motivated to end up there.

    And dogs who rush visitors and fart? Yes and yes. We have three. And I’m evidently powerless to stop them.

    Great post.

    • I think the children supervise me, some days lol. To me, young children are easier than older ones! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      *walks away singing “SOMEWHERE over the rainbow”

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