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Belated Thank You for Award Offers

Being old and forgetful, I just remembered I was nominated for an award!  How did I forget, you might ask.  I don’t know is my answer.

A huge thank you to Jennifer at 40 is the new 13!  What a very nice thing for you to do!  I was going to see about claiming one of the awards, but my three brain cells were too busy thinking of other things and I forgot!  I’m actually still in shock that you would nominate me.  Your writing is so very wonderful and mine is usually scrambled and jumbled and I’m not sure I even make sense at times.  I wanted to at least thank you for thinking of me!  I suggest everyone read her blog.  It’s fantastic.

This blog has been a fun adventure.  I am very timid to open up and really let loose.  My other blogs are mostly short and sweet and to the point.  They are pretty focused on one subject (learning games, party games, etc) and I don’t have to worry about all the pesky things such as leaking a little personal information or showing that I might have an actual personality.  On this blog I feel shy and nervous and I hold back.  I do think I’m making progress, though!  I’m actually quite the smart-ass (doh! language alert!), but I have to suppress this when around the kids.  Sometimes, that smarty pants sense of humor is just below the surface, trying to punch its way out.  As I get more comfortable with writing, it just might surface more and more!

There are so many fun and informative blogs here.  When I get home (**blush** I’m posting from work while the kids nap), I will list some of the blogs I enjoy in hopes that more people can enjoy them, too!


3 thoughts on “Belated Thank You for Award Offers

  1. Smart-ass granny… very funny. Thanks for kind words about my blog… and I’m loving your recent posts. So happy to see you writing more funny and useful advice for the rest of us!

  2. I’m new to this game also but I have harvested one thing from this blogscape; the most read blog posts are the ones that I “thought” about and filtered the least. So cheers to the smart-ass granny punching her way to the surface.

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