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A Typical Day…

With our current finances and circumstances, my kids and I are living with my mother.  Yes, I’m proud to say I am 55 and back living with my mommy.  It’s a proud moment for me.  Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds.  I get to spend a lot more time with my mom and it’s much easier to help her with things when she’s right here.

My daughter and I share a room.  I have to get up pretty early, around 5am, and my daughter is still sleeping.  I don’t want to wake her any earlier than I have to, so I have perfected getting read for work in the dark.  I can dress, eat breakfast and even do my hair in the dark!  I’m not saying my clothes always match, and sometimes I have on one blue sock and one black sock, but my daughter is able to sleep on blissfully.  As for makeup, I don’t wear much, if any.  I’m too lazy.

I try to check Facebook and read blog posts before work.  Typing my comments can get a little noisy with my clickity-clacky old keyboard, so I take my time and slowly press the buttons.  I’m only typing at about 10 words per minute that way, but it doesn’t wake up my daughter!

I’m starting to see a pattern here.  I need to get something done…my daughter is sleeping.  I need to get ready for work…my daughter is sleeping.  I try to blog…my daughter is sleeping.  Either she sleeps a lot or I do too many things in the wee hours of the morning.  But, I digress.

At work, we get through breakfast, do dishes, and fold laundry if there is any.  After that, there are babies to feed and change.  Toddlers need to be followed around, making sure they don’t get into things they shouldn’t be getting into.  We do a couple of preschool sessions.  One for the older kids and one for the younger kids.  We play outside in the yard or walk to the park.  We do music and dance like crazy.  We have lunch and clean that up.  We do art or make and play with play dough.  We read lots of books.  Lately, the four-year old is reading to us!  That’s a refreshing change.  He has been working hard to read and loves it.  We do afternoon snack after the little ones nap.  Then, we sweep and vacuum and mop if necessary.

That is a simplified version of my day!

I have no idea what this post is for.  I’m too busy fixating on the fact that I seem to do most of my fun activities in the dark while my daughter is sleeping!  Oh, and by the way.  Fear my awesome drawing abilities!


2 thoughts on “A Typical Day…

  1. Love the drawing! And my son would be thrilled with me if I took that much care to make sure I didn’t accidentally wake him up!

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