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Daily Prompt Post

I decided to check out the daily prompt, and decided to give it a try.  I did an image search on “bed”.  I was supposed to pick the 11th image and write about it.

This is the image I ended up with.

Image belongs to Toxel.com

This just made me laugh because it kind of reminds me of what I actually sleep on.  With my daughter and I bunking in the same room ( a very small room), she gets the bed and I sleep on a small sofa.  It’s probably four feet long, so I sleep all curled up.

My daughter is taller than I, so it made sense for me to get the small couch, and over time I’ve grown so used to it that I don’t even miss an actual bed!  It’s amazing what we can adjust to.

At least I do have room to move a little bit.  Can you imagine sleeping on this bed?!  It sure would make a great conversation piece, though!



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