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Pets Rule, but St. Bernards Drool!

I have read a few posts about pets, so I thought I would jump on that and show off ours!  I mean, I wouldn’t want to go to the trouble of thinking of my own post ideas or anything.

Pets add so much to your life!  They keep you warm on cold days.  They are always there for you; and I do mean always.  They give you opportunity to spend lots of money on such things as vets and dog food.  They give you extra chores to do, such as scoop poop.

My mixed breed, Pepper, has been around for 17 1/2 years and is still going strong.  He has more energy than I do, that’s for sure.  The only indications that he is a senior is the grey around the muzzle and he is getting kind of thin.  Sixteen years ago, my kids and I were heading into a pet store and the local humane society was there with a handful of dogs.  It was their last chance at adoption before being put down.  It happened to be the very last day before this was to happen.  Well,  we were heartbroken at having to pass them all up, but seriously, how could I adopt five dogs all at once?  My daughter convinced me to let her pet them for a minute.  She sat on the ground near them, and this poor, skinny dog crawls into her lap.  He was already a year old at that time.  He was shaking all over and drooling with fear.  He hugged and hugged and hugged.  So, Pepper became ours.  He is a very high-strung, nervous type.  He never really got over his fear of other dogs or people, no matter what we did.  Either it’s just his personality, or he really had a horrible first year of life.  He’s always been a good dog for us, though, and I try to keep him as safe and comfortable as possible.  He really hates our other dogs, so it’s a challenge, but we manage.


Next, we have Molly.  She is a 126 pound female Saint Bernard.  She stands 31 inches at the shoulder.  We have been told she’s large for a female.  I always wanted a Saint when I was younger.  I knew someone who had one and I thought he was awesome!  Well, we sure learned a lot about Saints.  Molly was the most hyperactive animal I have ever been around in my life!  We learned to do quite the dance trying to get through the house.  You had to be very agile to keep your toes from being dog bones.  She was something else!  We have a lot of experience with dogs, but never had we run into quite a bundle of energy like her before.  She’s highly intelligent, thank goodness, and a few puppy training classes and a couple of private training sessions helped a lot.  At two she is still very active, but it’s not out of control anymore.  She is a very loving girl.  She thinks she’s a lap dog and will back up to you and plunk her bum on your lap.  It’s hysterical.  And the drool.  It’s everywhere.  We clean it off the fridge, mirrors, furniture, and ourselves.  If you ever watched that show, Beethoven, it’s really not far off in regards to drool.

Molly the lap dog

Now, for Duke.  His full name is Hail to the Duke, Baby!  He’s a male English Bulldog and he is the alpha around here.  At 60 pounds, he rules over 126 pound Molly!  He thinks he’s her boss.  If we have to give Molly a command that sounds as if she might be in trouble, he comes running and snaps at her to chase her off.  He gets this tough-guy look and swagger.  I can see why they would be in the bully breed category, but he really isn’t anything to be scared of.  He thinks he’s tough, but he is fat and slow and we just roll him on his back and yell in his face if he tries to give us attitude.  That takes all the bluster right out of him.  He has so much personality it’s unreal.  Unfortunately, he also has been cursed with just about every ailment possible for the breed to get.  He has horrible allergies, too.  But, he’s worth the work and trouble.

Hail to the Duke, Baby!

Sorry this post is so long!  I will just briefly mention the cats.  My daughter has two and my mom has one.  The rest of the cats are strays that decided to live here.  We have a LOT of stray cats in the area.  My daughter and I are planning to do fund-raisers so we can get as many of them fixed as we can.

One of our cats is the product of a brother and sister.  The whole litter was deformed.  Kirara has an extra joint in each of her front legs and she can’t put her claws in.  She’s always getting stuck on things.  We have to rescue her once in a while as she hangs off a window screen, or stuck on the carpet.  My daughter is a real cat lover and takes very good care of the entire lot of them.


That’s enough from me for one day!  I suppose I should actually get work done.  Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Pets Rule, but St. Bernards Drool!

  1. Love your pets… especially Molly and Pepper! After your description, I’m not sure I’ve got what it takes to raise a Saint Bernard. But that Pepper… what a face!

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