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November Makes Me Think Of…

fall tree

I took this picture in the morning. By evening, the leaves were almost gone.

Where I live, November is a transition month.  Fall is still hanging on by a thread, but winter is tugging on that thread.  The trees are half naked, and the remaining leaves shine brightly with brilliant colors.  I do love the color of the fall leaves, although their death saddens me.

My son has a birthday in November, so there is something to celebrate!  I’m in complete denial that he is going to be twenty-six.  That makes my own age too real to me!

Of course there is Thanksgiving.  I have always loved Thanksgiving.  I have fond memories of being at my grandparent’s house on that day.  It was something we looked forward to the entire year.  They lived in a small mobile home, and it was very crowded with people, but that just added to the excitement.  I can almost smell the wonderful aroma of cooking food as I type this.  Later, my mom took over the big meal and the good times continued.  This year, my daughter and I are going to do the entire dinner.  I’ve never been much of a cook, but I get by.  This should be interesting.


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