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A Post A Day Post

I decided to do the post a day to try to get back into the habit of writing for at least twenty minutes a day.  It’s so easy to get distracted on such things as  work, family, friends, pets, yard work, house cleaning, grocery shopping, eating meals and movie watching.

Today I’m faced with the ol’ blank white post page and I’m too lazy tired to think of anything.   So today I will be posting about posting.  Should I post about my job, or my kids, or how my weekend was?  Should I post about the season?  How about politics?

I could post about how the night-light went out and I almost killed myself walking down a long, very dark hallway to get to the bathroom.  I made it without falling over anything, but my toe is not a happy camper as it was greeted rather abruptly by the hallway gate.  When you have dogs, you sometimes need gates to keep the pack from invading your personal space while you are sleeping.

Oh, I know! I could post about how I was raking this afternoon and almost knocked myself out.  It was a warm fall afternoon, so my daughter and I decided to tackle the back yard leaves.  We have a very large yard with a lot of trees and bushes.  I don’t mind raking as it gives me some much-needed exercise.  I was humming and happy until I turned and walked face first into a low hanging branch.  I think my toe laughed at me.

Maybe tomorrow I will have something to post about.

my awesome art

A very crooked smiley face. At least it’s happy!


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