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How To Do The Post A Day

How does one keep up with posts that entertain or inform when you have to do one every day for a month?  How do you get quality content that will not bore the reader?  That, my friend is a great question.  Wait…those my friend are great questions.  For me the answer comes quickly and easily.  I don’t.  Short and simple.  I don’t really have anything useful to say and my posts won’t improve your life much.  I just start typing and see where my words take me.  I’m a very selfish person and I write for me.  I just like to force it upon unsuspecting people!

I have been burning the candle at both ends lately, and that dang candle is getting pretty darn short.  I will keep doing it, though, because I am determined to get a post a day done!  I’m up between 4-4:30am so I can squeeze in some writing time.  I still make it to work by 7:15 so it’s working!  Once in a while I can innocently saunter to the computer at my employer’s house and pretend I have something very important to look up.

“Just a minute, kids, I have to check for messages real fast!”


Okay, shew!  I have at least a rough idea of some post titles.

Later in the day, during nap time, I again suddenly realize I might have missed a message.


Got some notes jotted down or a rough draft going.  When I get home, I can finish it and save it to draft to publish for the next day.

Now, before you think I’m neglecting the kids, I assure you I am not!  We still do preschool, music and dance, superhero smack-down (the kids are the super heroes and I get smacked down), hide-and-go-seek, outside play and art almost every day.

Yes, I am amazing, thank you very much for noticing.

You, too, can adopt this lifestyle and do the post a day!

If you actually finished reading this post to the end, I’m impressed.

My work here is done.


8 thoughts on “How To Do The Post A Day

  1. I tend to write a bunch of posts when I get a chance and preschedule them for later. (I keep a calendar to let me know when I have to publish something). I’ve been told to write for yourself and whoever wants to can then read it, so your idea of you just writing for you is accurate, in my humble opinion. 🙂

      • I do want to give you one caution, though. Early in the morning of when something is supposed to self-publish, check your blog to make sure it did publish — there have been a couple days where I thought I had scheduled it properly and then it didn’t show up! I say EARLY so that in case people are on the other side of the world are up at that time and want to be reading blogs, they will be sure and see your daily one. 🙂

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