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Spiders Are Icky

There, I said it.  Spiders are icky.  I can’t remember a time I haven’t been terrified of them.  I mean, really!  They have so many legs!  And just the way they move gives me the creepy crawlies.  Jumping spiders are especially icky.  Once, there was one on the wall.  I crept up to it all stealth like and slowly raised my shoe holding hand.  Then.  JUMP!  Right into my mouth.  I guess that’s what I get for having my mouth hanging open at the worst possible time.

I grew up in a house that was infested with black widows in the basement.  Whenever you had to go down there, you would hold your breath and do what had to be done fast.  If you’ve ever had a black widow bite you then you know it’s not fun.  I had it happen.  My thigh swelled up, like a baseball was under my skin, and the skin turned a bluish-black.  I ran a fever and was very ill for a few days.  Oh, the memories.  Have I mentioned that spiders are icky and they terrify me?

But, here is the thing that baffles me.  I am fascinated by them.  I like to watch them as they weave a web.  Some webs are downright beautiful!  They are good to have in a garden.  Keeping the insect population under control falls under the spider’s job description.  So, they can be useful.  Oh and many female spiders eat the males.  I think that is kind of cool (sorry guys).  I’m not sure what that says about me, though.  Let’s forget I brought that up.

Around our house, we try to capture spiders and take them outside instead of squashing them.  Sometimes though, a spider is just asking for trouble.  They can be hard to catch!  I spray them with a touch of hairspray to slow them down if they are too fast.  If all else fails, I bring out the big guns (shoes).

Below you will see a few pictures of some type of orb spider that was at the house I work at.  He was HUGE.  When my son and I first saw the web, I was impressed!  The web was probably three feet in diameter and was so beautiful.  After closer inspection, you could see extensions of that web going all over the shrub.  It had been raining  and the water drops on the web glistened.  We marveled at the wonder of it for a minute, then got into our car to go home.  I started to pull away from the curb, then suddenly stopped.  I looked at my son with wide eyes.  Something was on that web!

“Please tell me that is NOT the spider that owns that web.”  I whispered.

“Naw, it’s a leaf stuck in the web.”  He answered.

We both slowly got out of the car and approached the web.  BIG ICKY SPIDER!  But it was beautiful and awesome and scary and gross all at once.  It’s kind of hard to see in the picture, but you be the judge.  The pictures don’t really do it justice and it’s hard to tell the size.  Pretty cool, though.  And icky.

The light reflection off of Charlie (I call him Charlie)is so creepy! Great Halloween picture. I had a hard time getting the entire web in the picture.

He was camera shy and tried to run away.


4 thoughts on “Spiders Are Icky

  1. I could not agree more…spider are the ickiest. Their webs, though…very, very cool. Charlie did an amazing job! I will have nightmares about him jumping into my mouth now. 🙂

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