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Writing Fortunes For Fortune Cookies

I would love to have this job!  I want to write fortunes for fortune cookies.  How fun would that be?  Imagine sitting at a desk giggling away as your creative mind takes soar!

I would play upon some typical fears and have some fun with it.  Imagine opening a cookie and finding these fortunes:

Remember that crack you stepped on this morning?  You might want to give your mom a call

Look out behind you!

That spider you threw a shoe at has been watching and biding his time

Eat all the cookies you want today, for tomorrow will never come

Then, there is the good advice fortunes such as:

Don’t eat this cookie; you don’t know where this paper has been

You might as well eat this crappy cookie since you already ate that crappy meal

You might come across annoying fortunes, such as:

The path to obtaining unending riches is simple.  All you have to do is….(to be continued)

Tomorrow you will get up and do the same thing you did today

What goes around, comes around

What goes in, must come out

If I had more time, I could come up with lots more, but alas, work calls to me.


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