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What Helps Me Wake Up In The Morning

I like going through the writing prompts on Plinky.com.  Some I could probably do, but they sound like an awful lot of work to me.  I would have to actually think about them.  I think I can answer this one pretty painlessly!

Most of my morning routine is just that…routine.  Day after day, month after month.

I drag out of bed between 4:30  –  5:00am just about every day.  Once in a great while I will sleep in until about 6:00.  That is sleeping in for me!

I do what everyone has to do first thing in the morning (bathroom), shower or at least wash my hair and face.  Before you think I’m a stinky person, I can’t shower every day.  I break out in hives if I get clean too often.  Sounds odd, but it’s true!

I make coffee and turn on the trusty old computer.  While waiting on coffee and computer, I get dressed.  I check Facebook, Squidoo, Swagbucks and then WordPress.  I save the best for last!  I read new posts from blogs I follow and then try to decide what I’m going to post for that day.  I’m trying the post a day thing for November, and so far I’ve been able to keep up despite the huge demand upon my time.

Sometimes, I’m organized enough to play one of my games.  I’m currently playing World of Warcraft, again.  I played for five years, stopped for over a year, and now I’m back for a while.  I’m a very casual gamer and couldn’t care less if I don’t get to raid and all of the other time demanding activities you can do on those games.

Finally, I brush my teeth, gather my lunch and any other supplies I might need for the day and head out.

By this time, I’ve already been up for three hours, so I’m awake!

That is what helps me wake up in the morning.  I have a full day before work!

Well, okay, probably the coffee is what really helps me the most.



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