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WinCo Wars, A Story of Survival

Shopping Cart Clip ArtI really wish I could have taken pictures, or even a small video clip of our shopping trip.  I will try to describe it, but it very well might be a ‘you had to be there’ situation.

I headed out to WinCo with my son and mother for weekly groceries.  I knew it would be a long trip as it’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving and it would be crowded.  I tried to prepare my mother and son for what was ahead of us.  Stores are always packed right before a holiday.

My mother can’t walk much so my son pushed her in a wheelchair and I followed behind pushing the cart.  As I predicted, the store was packed.  We had a list all ready and my mother had even taken the time to organize it aisle by aisle.  So, off we go, dodging kids, adults, and shopping carts.  The first aisle went well, we got what we needed and then moved to the next.  It was jammed with carts.  We slowly made our way down with a series of stops and starts.  This is when it started getting harder.  My son does not do well in crowds of people. His OCD kicks in big time and it used to be that he would shut down with a big old panic attack.  I could tell he was nervous, but he handled it okay at first.

My mother, bless her heart, was shouting orders for this and that, and we tried to keep up with it and avoid being run down by other shoppers.  As time went by, it was getting to my son more and more.  He started pushing the wheelchair faster and faster.  At one point, my son just made a break for it and I see him weaving his way through the shopping carts and people at break-neck speed.  I could hear my mother shouting over the noise of the store “slow down!  I can’t see what’s on the shelves!”

Well, me being the queen of  inappropriate laughter, it just tickled my funny bone, and I started giggling.  I’m sure I looked like a mad woman.  I was alone with my cart, giggling my head off as I tried to pick up speed to catch up.

We finally finished and it was our turn to pay.  When our groceries were almost all checked out, the clerk informed me that we were over the $140 mark so we could go pick out a small turkey for free.  I was excited, but not being familiar with that store, I couldn’t remember where the silly things were.  I have no sense of direction.  I mean none.  If you blindfold me, turn me around real fast three times, and take the blindfold off, I will be lost in my own home.  Seriously.

So, I asked my son if he remembered where the turkeys were.  He said yes, why?  I explained and asked if he would run and get one.  At the time he was furiously trying to bag up the three tons of food we had purchased.  He just looked at me and said, “I’m about to shut down.”

We passed on the free turkey.

We made it home safely and nobody got hurt.  The only sad part is, after going through all of this, I forgot one thing.  One lousy thing.  That’s my usual luck.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the tale of how we survived our shopping trip.


4 thoughts on “WinCo Wars, A Story of Survival

  1. What a perfect seasonal post… all about family, anxiety, spending money, looking out for each other, and the unsettling experience of attempting to shop in a madhouse filled with holiday rush. And you have no sense of direction and forgot “one thing”… both of which are the story of my life!

    I love you, grannyK.

  2. Oh, I feel like I was there with you in the midst of the stress and hysteria. I think I am one of those that add to the hullabaloo, with my kids, coupons and “oh, run and get this last thing” and for that, please accept my grocery apologies. 🙂

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