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Tuesday’s Interview

Helping with catch and release with Idaho Fish and Game

Today’s interview is with Butterfly.  She is a six-year-old girl.  (name has been changed to protect her privacy, and I do have permission to post a photo).

1.  How do you like to spend your spare time?  Reading, writing, cartwheels, headstands and birding!

2.  Do you like school?  Yes!  I like playing with my friends at recess and I like reading.

3.  What is your favorite part of the day?  Reading!

4.  What are your favorite movies and books?  Books–Boxcar and Karen books.  Movies- -Harry Potter!

5.  Any special events coming up?  Thanksgiving!  I love the feast!

Butterfly has been obsessed with birds for over a year now.  She soaks in any information she can on birds.  She constantly amazes me when she can easily identify a species and spout of detailed information about them.  She got to go to a “catch and release” with Idaho Fish and Game and was thrilled!

Butterfly has just a tiny problem with focus and sometimes keeping her on track for such things as getting ready for school can be a chore.  It’s also part of her considerable charm.

She has a huge imagination and can be very entertaining with her stories.  She never seems to run out of energy, even after getting up early and spending her day in school.

Stay tuned for an interview with the youngest of the family; the little brother!

This girl loves to read


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