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Friday’s Interview

Today I am chatting with Wolverine (not his real name, of course, but he wanted to be called this).  Here are my questions for him:

1.  Are you looking forward to starting school next year?  NO!  I don’t want to go.

2.  Why do you not want to go to school?  **shrugs**

3.  What are your hobbies?  Computer games and writing superhero books

4.  What is your favorite movie?  Iron man 2

5.  What are your favorite foods?  Cottage cheese, macaroni and cheese, pink lemonade

6.  What is your favorite part of the day?  Breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I find Wolverine to be a very intelligent and happy person.  He has a winning smile and is so polite and helpful with younger children!  He has been working on his printing and writing superhero books has helped that greatly!  He has some pretty entertaining stories that involve the Incredible Hulk and The Abomination.  I very much enjoy my days with him.


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