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Children VS Pets, The Mess is On

There is a great debate which creates more messes–kids or pets.  There are a lot of variables here.  Some kids are extremely messy, and some kids are fairly tidy.

Some pets are small and clean and other pets are large and messy.  The larger dogs with big, hairy feet tend to haul in more dirt, mud and leaves.  Trust me, I know.

It’s also a lot easier to get a child to pick up a mess than a dog.  A dog can be trained to do it, but who wants to go to that trouble?  I’m lazy like that.

Take a look at the below pictures and imagine these big feet plowing through your house after the romp through the irrigation ditches!

I have cared for children who can empty toy boxes and shelves with lightening speed.  They have a ring of food surrounding them after every meal.  I will find play-do and other fun things stuck in carpets.  But, I promise I have never, EVER cared for a child who can destroy floors like these dogs can!

My mom will let them in looking like this and just shrug and have someone clean it up.  As children, if we had come in the house with mud and grime caked to our feet or shoes, we would have been banned to the yard until hosed down!  I don’t understand it, but I accept it.

For me, the messy pets win the contest!


2 thoughts on “Children VS Pets, The Mess is On

  1. I would have voted kids when they were little, but now that my kids are halfway capable (only halfway, mind you…they ARE teenagers, after all) I vote pets. For me, the smell of wet dog is the WORST.

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