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Yes, I Love My Warlock

So, when I get some spare time, which is getting harder and harder to find, I like to play a game.  In particular, I like MMORPG games such as Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft.  Currently, I am playing Warcraft and I absolutely love my warlock!  She is cute and adorable and very, very evil!  Take a look at her picture and tell me you are not totally terrified!

Lillye is a very powerful, evil warlock!

There is something very relaxing about running into an orc or goblin camp, sending in one of my demon pets, and shooting fire type spells right and left!  OH THE POWER!  The name Lillye shoots terror into the hearts of evil-doers throughout the lands.  I jump into battle with my battle cry of  “GNOMErcy!” and the fun begins.  **flexes**


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