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Blog Award!

Thank you Rarasaur for the award nomination!  If you haven’t checked this blog out yet, you really should!  You will love it as much as I do.

Rules for Blog of the Year (2012) award

Display the award logo on your blog

Link back to the person who nominated you

Tell 5 things about yourself

Pass the award on to 6 other bloggers.  Link to one of their specific posts.

Link back to the award rules page (Blog of the Year 2012)

Five things about me.

1.  I don’t like spiders.  When I say don’t I mean not at all.

2.  I love to watch children play, but not in the creepy stalker sort of way.  They are just so innocent and entertaining!

3.  I like to eat, but can’t cook a thing.  I can’t even boil water right.

4.  I don’t have blood, but chocolate running through my veins.  Okay, not really,  but I eat a lot of it.

5.  I’m kind of a scary old broad.  Just ask my kids.

Passing the award along to:

1.  Knockedoverbyafeather–A brave person with a talent for writing.


2.  Betterthanimbd–I really enjoy reading the movie reviews on this blog.


3.  The Return of the Modern Philosopher–A brilliant imagination mixed with trickery to make you think!


4.  Pleiades513–A thought provoking blog with beautiful pictures.


5.  Palisadespete–A fun, original blog with interesting facts.


6.  My Thought Exactly!–A beautiful person with a beautiful blog.



9 thoughts on “Blog Award!

  1. congratulations on your award – and thank you for sharing the award with other deserving blogs too
    If you check out the proper rules of the award though you’ll find that you don’t have to share things about yourself (lots of us bloggers are fed up of doing this!) – and you can share this award with as many or as few bloggers as you like – we tried to keep this award simple on purpose!
    you can find the rules here:

    • I did notice that after I posted, unfortunately! I copied the list of rules from the blog that nominated me, so I bet it’s just been going that way for a while. I don’t mind listing a few things about myself, though. At least it taught me to research the rules before posting! Thanks so much for the comment.

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