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I Finished The Post A Day!

I actually stuck to it and did a post a day for a month! ME! The believer in procrastination and the biggest putter-offer alive did it!

I’m not saying the posts were good, or even interesting, but they got done!  My grammar struggles (I think grammar has a mind of its own) but maybe that just adds to the charm…RIGHT??  I’ll go with that.

Thank you for sticking with me for the month.  I have ideas for posts, but they might be a little more involved and will take time to develop, so from now on I think one or two per week will do it until my life calms down a little bit.  This blogging thing is wonderful.  It’s like a whole other world that I can escape to when life is stressing my poor tiny brain.  I have come to look forward to reading the wonderful posts by all of you.  They take me through a maze of emotions ranging from very sad to extremely happy.

Here’s to many more posts from us all!


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