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I’m Going On An Adventure

Soon…very soon, GrannyK will be going on an adventure!  I’ve only gone down this path one other time in my life, and I had hoped to not do it again, but it looks like it will be necessary.  This adventure doesn’t require any mode of transportation.  I can do it at any location.  It’s one that I dread, but must be done.

I hate to use nasty four letter words, and I hope you will forgive me, but the adventure I am soon to take is..


Yes, I said it and I mean it.  It’s time.

I can barely breath when I bend over to tie my shoes.  I can get on the floor easily enough when I play with the kids, but getting back up is a sight worthy of taping and sending to America’s Funniest Videos.  I’m starting to huff and puff when I play tag with the kids.  That wouldn’t be so bad if the game goes on for a while, but 30 seconds into it I’m gasping for air.

You see, even though my job requires me to be up and going a lot, it’s not really that much exercise.   Now that the rainy and cold season is upon us, our outside time has been very limited.  My life has been very busy running my brother to doctors and hospitals, but I’m mostly sitting.  There is also one major factor that has contributed to about five pounds of weight gain recently.  One item that has me totally under its spell.  I can’t stay away from it!  That item is..


Oh my goodness!  They make gingerbread and sugar cookie ones now for the holiday season!  For some reason, I decided it was my obligation to devour every box they produce.  They are so delightful!

But, all good things must come to an end.  I am going to say goodbye to my poptarts and lose twenty pounds by summer.

This will start right after Christmas.

Or whenever they don’t make the special poptarts.

But soon!  Very soon!

I will torture you with the details as it happens.


3 thoughts on “I’m Going On An Adventure

  1. Oooo – I can relate to this! When I was teaching, I was on my feet all day and the classrooms they scheduled me in where 1/4 mile from my office (which was in a giant portable on the edge of the campus) so I was walking a mile or more a day back and forth; now that I’m retired I spend most of my days sitting at my computer, writing. I started my PIP (Personal Improvement Plan … I HATE the word ‘diet’) in October. I began by writing down everything I ate (YIKES) and then cut out the things that weren’t good for me (so long potato chips – my equivalent of your ‘pop tarts’ – I simply don’t walk down that aisle in the grocery store anymore), stopped buying bread (I did love my sandwiches), and gradually reduced dinner portions. While it was a bit slow at the start, it’s working – I’ve lost 9 pounds so far (that 10th one is being elusive, but I hope to hit that milestone before Christmas) and I don’t feel hungry all the time (I’ve also recognized when eating is due to boredom and replaced snacks with green tea or water with Crystal Lite). In January, I’m amping up the Fun and Games (another word I HATE is ‘exercise’ – so I’m going to be ‘Sweatin’ to the Oldies’ instead) with a final goal of 25 pounds lost by bathing suit weather. Good luck and repeat after me: Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

    • I still have one box of the gingerbread poptarts, then I’m good to go! ROFL, no way am I giving those up until they are gone! But, I will get the pounds off because I am tired of not seeing my toes. Not that my toes are that pretty or anything, but you get the idea, right? Besides, at 55 I really do need to take my health a little more seriously. Thanks for the encouragement!

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