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Go You Chicken Fat, GO!!!!

Go You Chicken Fat, Go!  Okay, do any of you remember this silly song?  They used to play this in gym class when I was in elementary school.  We would be doing jumping jacks and toe touches with that song blaring in our ears.  They played it so loud I just wanted it to stop before my ears started bleeding.  I guess they figured if they endangered our hearing we would move faster.

If you’ve never heard this wonderful *cough* song, you can check it out right here.  Now that you’ve heard this inspirational tune, aren’t you just revved up to put on some tights and exercise?   I mean, who wants chicken fat on them?  I know I don’t!

I ate my last gingerbread poptart ( I actually shared the box with others) and now I must fulfill the promise I made to myself to get some unwanted ‘chicken fat’ off!  I have been given a goal weight by a doctor.  I was told I should not go below 130 pounds.  I thought that odd since I’m only 5 feet 4 inches tall.  I must have very sturdy and thick bones or something.  Why not?  The rest of me has gone to H E double hockey sticks, (I didn’t want to swear) so why not have fat bones, too?  I need to drop a lot of pounds.  I won’t say how many exactly, but let’s just say it is over 20 and below 30.  Okay, so it’s 22.  Sheesh, beat it out of me why don’t you.

Between having my gallbladder removed and having a peptic ulcer, dieting can be fun.  If my stomach empties I am in serious burning pain so I started grabbing crackers or other munchies between meals.  Crackers and breads stop the pain best, but for losing weight that won’t work.  Without a gallbladder you are supposed to eat more veggies and greatly reduce fatty foods.  Well, that didn’t work for me.  I can eat anything fatty.  I can eat fast food tacos and burgers and I’m fine.  But, give me leafy or raw vegetables and I’m in big trouble.  My body just can’t digest them.   My doctor was baffled over that one, too.

I will have to have lots of cooked veggies and fresh fruits on hand and eat four small meals a day instead of the two I normally have.  That way, my stomach won’t be empty and screaming at me.

I’m glad we had this little talk, I feel much better now.  I’m excited to feel better after dropping twenty pounds.  Thanks for listening!


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