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Dollhouse Fun

I watch a two-year old girl a couple of days a week.  She is a tiny, adorable ball of energy.  She measures around 25 percentile for both height and weight, which is way up from a year ago!  She is possibly the most adorable little girl I’ve watched since, well, the last little girl I watched!  The thing with little Kyra is this– she has been able to talk since about 10 months old, and she repeats things she hears.  When she was one and barely walking, she would drop a toy and very clearly say shit!  There was no doubt on what was being said as she spoke very well for such a small person.  I can very easily figure out what is being said at home this way, and I get a kick out of embarrassing her mom!  But then, I have a mean streak in me so it would amuse me.  When she thinks something is funny, she will slap her knee and chuckle.  Then she says with a shake of her head, “Oh God (it comes out dod), that is too funny.”

Picture 006

Last week, she was playing with this small dollhouse.  She found the people and had them all lined up.  My daughter and I pretended that we were not paying attention, but of course we were.  Her cute little voice rang out very clearly.

“I TOLD you I was going to drive you! I TOLD YOU!”

“Now, you can only pick one.  Only one.  You can have the rocking chair or the horse or the crib. ONLY ONE!”

There was a brief silence as she moved things around.  We were suddenly startled when she broke the silence with…


Then, she calmly got up and went on to other things.  That last outburst cracked me up.

Kyra turned two the end of October.  She is already counting to ten, and she understands what numbers actually mean.  She can sort blocks by color and shapes, and easily names the colors and shapes.  She knows most of the alphabet by sight, but can’t quite get the alphabet song down yet.  She loves the magnetic shapes and can build houses and flowers with them.

It amazes me at how fast children learn!  All of this was learned simply by playing with her and making sure to name things as we went.  Having a teacher for a mom probably helps, too!

I was thinking about this today, so I jotted it down while it was fresh on my mind.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “Dollhouse Fun

  1. Kyra sounds adorable and so smart – her parents are in for a lot of ‘fun times’ as she gets older. I remember my niece coming home from a drive with her dad once (she was about 2 1/2) and when her mom asked what she’d seen when they were out, she replied “A f***ing asshole”. Needless to say, my brother got a lecture about the language he used in front of her! Do you keep in touch with the children you care for? It seems to be it would almost be like having some ‘part time’ grandchildren (I’m still waiting for ‘real’ ones!)

    • Usually after a child leaves my care, I keep in touch and see them now and again until they are okay with moving on. Most of the kids I watch from birth until they start school, so to have me just disappear is upsetting to all of us! Once in a while I run into someone I watched years ago, and they are all grown up with their own families. It’s so strange to think that much time has gone by.

  2. My daughter picked up the word shit around the age of two. I have a clear memory of her saying it over and over again at the grocery store, while I tried in vain to shush her.
    That little girl is too cute!

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