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Pets Really Are Wonderful Friends!

My brother has been in and out of the hospital over the last few months fighting cancer.  His best buddy, Duke, has been so depressed during this time!  Duke is his English Bulldog.

Every time we have to leave for a doctor appointment or a hospital visit, Duke’s head drops to the floor and he gets the most depressed look on his face.  You can just see how much it upsets him.  Then, when we come home again, he goes nuts!  Running and jumping (as much as an overweight bulldog can jump) and wiggling all over.  He won’t leave my brother’s side.  Whatever room Dan decides to be in, the dog is right there at his feet.  I think it’s adorable.

On Sunday, my brother came home from his final treatment, and his best friend was right there to greet him.  Duke wanted Dan to just sit and hold his paw.  Such a sweet friend!



4 thoughts on “Pets Really Are Wonderful Friends!

  1. My sister has been gone for almost two years and her pup still gets depressed some days. You can tell she misses my sister. I can’t wait to see how excited both of her dachshunds get when she gets home this summer!

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