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Creepy Ken Doll

The post title might be a little misleading.  I’m not even sure the doll’s name is Ken, but that’s how I remember all of the males in the Barbie line of dolls.  This Ken in question has me concerned.  Let me try to tell the story so you understand…

One or two days per week I watch a five-year old girl.  She is obsessed with princess stories, true love and first kisses.  Sometimes it disturbs me a little at how she wants to position her Barbie and Ken dolls while they kiss.  It makes me think she’s seen way too many movies that perhaps a young child should not see.

So the other day she had a Ken doll and another smaller doll that looked to be a  child of maybe ten or so.  She was sitting on the floor near the coffee table  playing.  Most of the play was fine, but then it got interesting.  She had Ken tell the little girl to go to bed.  She put the girl doll in the middle of the coffee table and said that was her bedroom.  That’s when the creepy Ken made his appearance.

She picked up Ken and had him very slowly peek over the edge of the table.  She moved him around the table with just his eyes and forehead showing as if he was spying on the little girl.  In a voice that didn’t seem to belong to her, she said.

“I have to watch her.  I have to see her.  I have to know what she’s doing.”

Cartoon Eyes -

I know you probably had to be there to get the full effect, but it was a strange moment.  I know one thing for sure.  Today, I’m keeping a very close eye on Ken.


6 thoughts on “Creepy Ken Doll

  1. Yes, creepy. Sounds like you’ll be playing child psychologist these next few days.

    Once a little neighbor boy, about six, made a noose of a plastic toy dog leash and hung my daughter’s Polly Pocket from the roof of the Barbie house. Freaked me out enough I never had him back.

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