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Kids Say the Funniest Things!

Here are a few of the funny things the kids we watch have said and done.

Angelyn at about age 5:  “Are you older than my grandma?”

Me:  “I think we are the same age.”

She looks me over and thinks for a minute, then says “No, you are older.  Your tummy is bigger than my grandma’s so you must be older.”


Carter, age five, is trying to get me to wrestle with him so he is taking light punches at my arms and giggling.  He suddenly stops and gently pokes a finger at my neck, just under my chin.

“Why does your neck push in?”  He asks.

Of course, he was referring to my double chin.  I just laughed and explained that I decided I needed two chins instead of one.  He just stared at me for a couple of seconds and went on about his business.


I usually bring some sort of snack to work with me to give to the kids at afternoon snack.  Carter really looks forward to it.  He knows I have it in the bag I pack along with me every day.  One day, he was in the bathroom and I was in the family room.  There is a good amount of distance between the two places.  I was rummaging through the bag to find my tea and he must have heard a slight rattle of the bag.  Suddenly I hear, “What you getting Kathy?”

That kid has super hearing!


Carter is really into super heroes and Wii games.  He plays Mario with my son and knows you have more than one life so if you die on the game, you come back.

One day, he asked my son how many lives we have.  My son said just the one.

Carter thinks about this for a minute, then states, “Then, it’s not a good idea to jump off a cliff.”

After further thought, he said “I wish I was a giant, then I could jump off a cliff and live!”


Kyra is now two, but has been talking since 9 months of age.  She is a gabby-pants, I’m telling you.  She went through a period of time where she would throw in a colorful word now and then.   When she dropped a toy, you would hear a very clear “Oh shit!” from her.  It was a source of embarrassment for her mom.

Lately, when she thinks something is funny she shakes her head and gives a little laugh and says “Oh dod!”  (translated to Oh god, of course).  Another thing she frequently says when someone gets into trouble or is angry is (again with a shake of her head) “what are we going to do with him?”

You probably have to be there for this to be funny, but I wanted to share anyway.  She is adorable.


I love it when one child corrects another, and it works!  On Tuesday, we watched Carter (5), Malia (5) and Logan (3).  Logan had been giving Carter grief all morning with teasing and a bit of rough housing and such.  That afternoon, the kids were outside playing on the swing set.  Every time Carter tried to push the swing, Logan would grab it and stop it.  I was watching to see if trouble would develop, but Carter handled it.

He suddenly yells, “Do you want a time out?  If you do that one more time you get a time out!”

Logan whines, “I don’t want a time out.”

“Then stop it!”  Carter says.  Then as an afterthought, he added “I’ve got my eye on you.”

Logan didn’t give him any more trouble that day.


Rhyan was probably four at the time this happened.  He was really into playing pirates.  We had the props for it, and he was get all decked out with the hat, scarf, eye patch and sword.  Well, he also liked to say the word “butt” a lot.

One day, he comes running out of the play room shouting, “I’m a pirate!”

“Oh dear!  What kind of pirate are you?”  I ask.  “A nice pirate or a mean pirate?”

He grins.  “I’m a butt pirate!”

My son and I had to make a hasty departure from the room and laugh hysterically.


I will post more stories as I remember them.  My memory is a fickle thing.  It works when it feels like it.


4 thoughts on “Kids Say the Funniest Things!

  1. lolz…. all the incidents were no doubt hilarious , but my fav pick from all is d last one , does he knw now , that he said that quote 😀
    But seriously , the best thing to watch is kids innocent & silly conversations ….
    loved your post ….

    • I don’t know if he knows what he said or not. I haven’t seen him for a while now. He outgrew my day care a few years ago. 😦 The kids I have watched over the last 25 years have kept me entertained, that’s for sure!

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