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Those Eyes

I can’t stand the look in her eyes.  They glare at me, filled with annoyance and disappointment.  I stare back, trying to break her gaze, but she is relentless.

“I’m doing my best!”  I yell.  “What do you want from me?”

The only answer I get is that stare.  Silent and seething and full of accusations.  Strong words from her would be easier to take than that look.  How can I get away from it?  How can I stop the guilt I feel when I look at her?  I need to find a way to pacify her.  I will think about it while I’m at work.

I turn away from the mirror and walk away.




7 thoughts on “Those Eyes

  1. Ahhh. Loved this. Think I will use it in a blog or on my pinterest board. I thought it was going to be a cat. Fooled me but as Margo says, we are our own worst enemy when to stay strong we should be our own best friends.

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