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Job Hunting is the Devil

I have to give the devil his (her?) due.  He is a sneaky one.  Usually, when you think of the devil, you picture a red guy with horns and a pitchfork.  Okay, that might just be me, but don’t you think of something like that when you think of the devil?  Come on, be honest.

I’m here to tell you that he is sneaky!  The devil is actually a process known as “job hunting”.   Who knew?

I have been looking for work for three months now and have not even had an interview yet!  It’s so frustrating and terrifying.  Granted, I’m looking mostly in one field, child care, so it limits me, but that’s really all I know.  I had high hopes of finding a new position because a lot of people here have decided that a nanny is better than taking their kids to a day care.  I was very excited!  My dreams were smashed flat fairly fast when I realized the actual details of the jobs.  I know times are tough for a lot of us and I’m a reasonable person but some of the expectations just blow me away.  Here is an example of an ad for a nanny.

Nanny needed for two children, ages 2 and 5.  Duties are as follows:  arrive at 6:30 to get the kids up and get the 5 year old ready for school.  Transport to school is necessary.  While the five year old is at school, you will do laundry and light housekeeping.  After picking up the 5 year old from school, help him with any homework and prepare dinner for them.  During the summer, we will need you to transport the kids to activities such as the zoo and the science center.  You must provide educational activities. We have two dogs who will need to be cared for so you need to love pets.  You must have your own transportation.  The position is full time, Monday through Friday, and pays $300.00 per month.


There are so many things wrong with this, I don’t know where to begin.  There are many posts that are similar to this one.  Once in a while I come across an opportunity that makes sense, but most make me shake my head!  Let’s break this down.  You want me to basically raise your children, educate them, run them all over the place, clean your house, do your laundry and take care of your pets.  I have to use my own car and pay for all of the gas and activities for the kids.  In return, I get $300.00 a month?  Well, how can I pass that up??  Such a deal.  I can’t help but wonder where the parent/parents are?  Do these kids live alone?  This would be eleven to twelve hour days.  I’m sure at some point a parent must make a showing?


I know child care is not a very well respected field, but come on people!  I am the front line person to making sure your child is safe, learns how to make choices and is ready for school.  Granted a lot of parents work with their kids, but you would be surprised at how many rely upon the day care provider to do all of this for them.  I have even known parents who refused to even let their kids do art work outside of day care because they don’t like the mess.


I don’t expect to make more than about $30/day watching two children.  I do light housekeeping, laundry for the kids, and preschool.  I make sure the kids are well prepared to enter the public school system and meet or exceed the requirements by age five.  I have no trouble watching pets.  I have even been known to pull weeds or mow lawns if I have time.  I am open to up to 10 hours per day for this price.  Is that not reasonable?


But, I’m way off subject.  I was talking about the devil when I first started this post.


I think the devil guides the hands of the people posting these jobs!  I can picture him giggling hysterically as he forces people to make outrageous demands!  Then, when I respond to the ad, he makes them look at my requirements and my age and puts the idea into their heads that I charge too much or I am too old.  Surely, a 55 year old could NOT keep up with two kids!  I know this is what is happening!


So, you see, job hunting is the devil.


And now my rant is done.  Thank you for listening.


5 thoughts on “Job Hunting is the Devil

  1. I’m shocked. No, that’s not right. Beyond shocked. Appalled. Disgusted. Sickened. Taking care of someone’s children (never mind their dogs, house, yard, etc.) is only ‘worth’ $300 a MONTH?!?!?!? I’d say even $300 a WEEK was too little to pay to someone who is basically ‘playing parent’ (and probably doing considerably better at it than the ‘moms and dads’ who expect someone to take on that responsibility for $75.00 a week (if they ‘need’ a nanny, surely they’re earning reasonable wages and/or have some other reason for offering so little money for such important responsibility). Anyone who hires you, Granny K., would be lucky to have you in their home. But don’t settle for less than you are worth. The devil indeed (he’s disguised as parents who ‘cheap out’ on the most precious things they have — their children).

  2. Sadly, that top ad for a nanny doesn’t surprise me. When my kids were little, I’d often make friends with the nannies who brought the children in their charge to music or baby gym classes. One woman in particular was actually working a job like the one you described. And as more responsibilities got dumped in her lap… and the parents became increasingly absent (they also had a “nighttime nanny” for round the clock childcare)… she was too kindhearted to leave. She was in love with the children and afraid to think what would happen to them without her.

    Best of luck with your job search. Whoever gets you will be very, very lucky.

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