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I Think Time Changes Speed! I Really Do!

Calendar-Clip-Art-Free Do you remember when time was just some big unknown?  As a child I had all the time in the world to dream, play and explore.  My life was still unwritten and time really didn’t mean a thing to me.  Well, I suppose that’s not true.  I did care about time when it was close to summer vacation.  I counted down the days in the spring and looked forward to my days off.  But, still, there was no real sense of urgency.

When I graduated from high school, time still didn’t bother me much.  After all, I was really just starting my life.  I had plenty of time to decide what to settle on as far as career choice.  I could take my time and explore my options!  I thought it was best to get a job and work for a year so I could save for college.  Yes, that was what I would do!  I worked for an insurance company and somehow I forgot about the one year deadline.  Time passed even though I didn’t really notice or care.  I made friends, went out and partied, dated, and had a blast!  Suddenly, I was almost twenty-five and I still had not given college a serious thought.  Time slipped by.

When I was twenty-five I had a blind date.  Three months later we were married.  People gave us a hard time because we hadn’t known each other long, but it seemed like we had been together for years.  Time is tricky.  It seems to go slow, but it is really zooming along.  Other times it zooms along, but it is really moving along slowly.  Strange how that happens.  Somehow in that three months, time slowed to a crawl for us as we got to know each other and realize we did belong together.  To others, it just seemed like a quick three months. When he passed away, I felt that the nine years we had together was just a blink of the eye!  Time went so fast!

Now, at the age of fifty-five, time is still not being cooperative.  I have considered going back to school, but by the time I get through it and (hopefully) find a job, I might not even have enough time left to pay back the loans I would have to take to pay for school.  Those blissful days of never-ending time are no longer a possibility.

So you see?  Time can change speeds!  It goes fast and slow and you don’t even notice until it’s too late.


5 thoughts on “I Think Time Changes Speed! I Really Do!

  1. Oh, if we could only find a way to slow time down after the age of 40. One quick turn of the head and we’re suddenly 50, then 60. Where are those days when we counted the days until we turn 21? Great post!

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