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Daily Prompt: Never

What is the one thing I will never write about?  We’ll get to that soon.


I have learned to limit my use of the word ‘never’ as I have done many things I swore I would never do.  Get married? NEVER!  I was happily married for nine years.  Have more than two kids? NEVER!  I had three and I am so glad I did.  I got my daughter that way.


It seems to me that saying you will never do something is like making a promise to yourself that is going to be very hard to keep.  You have to be very tricky in the wording to make it work.  Learn to use key words and phrases that leave loop holes.  I will underline the key words in my following example.


Example:  I will never willingly break your nose unless you decide to be very stupid and really piss me off.


See?  I’m making a promise to not do harm to someone ON PURPOSE unless THEY make the decision for me to do so.


That is the best example I can give at 5am on a work day.


Now, back to the actual writing prompt.  What will I never write about on my poor, neglected blog?  Well, sadly, you will never know.  Why?  Because I can’t write about it, silly!  You can’t ask me to write about something I can’t write about!


Now, if you will excuse me, I must get ready for work.  I am never late for work.  On Thursdays.  Except when there is a huge spider on the bathroom door like there was today so I was scared to leave the bathroom for a very long time.  So, basically, it won’t be my fault if I’m late on this Thursday morning.


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Never

  1. HA HA HA
    Love this “Example: I will never willingly break your nose unless you decide to be very stupid and really piss me off.”
    Speaking my language here…

    Good blog!!
    And loopholes. I love em 🙂

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