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How to Have a Garden With Dogs Who Eat Anything

So, I know I’ve mentioned before that we have a few dogs.  Duke, the English Bulldog who will eat anything in his path…Molly, the Saint Bernard who will trample anything in her path and who loves to eat flowers…Pepper, the 18-year-old senior who only eats grass when outside so he isn’t really a problem.

"I can't believe I ate the whole tomato plant!"

“I can’t believe I ate the whole tomato plant!”

Except when he eats the grass and throws it up all over the house.


Here is how we can have unruly critters and still have at least a tiny vegetable garden.  First, pick a spot in your yard that you really don’t like much but gets a fair amount of sunshine during the day.  We had the perfect spot.  Get a dog kennel.  You heard me, a dog kennel.  Do NOT put your dogs in it.  This is for the garden.  We keep the dogs OUT of the kennel and plant cucumbers and tomatoes in it.  Last year, we had bell peppers, too!  This way, the plant-munching dogs can stare longingly at the vegetables, but can’t get to them.

A dog kennel that dogs are not allowed in!

A dog kennel that dogs are not allowed in!

Next, pick places here and there that the dogs are not allowed to roam freely.  I planted peas in the front along the fence, and an acorn squash grows between some rose bushes.  Notice the newspaper around the squash.  Newspaper keeps the weeds from growing,  kind of like that black plastic stuff you can buy.  It also makes great toys for all the stray cats and you might find some shredded now and then.

Here is a picture of the acorn squash.  Notice how classy it looks to have old and yellowed newspaper all around it!  I’ve never even cooked acorn squash, so if it produces, this should be interesting.

Here is my one acorn squash plant.  I hope it lives!

Here is my one acorn squash plant. I hope it lives!

I usually kill plants.  My house was always the place plants went to so they could die.  If friends had plants they hated, they gave them to me and I took care of them in no time.  Maybe it’s just my electric personality or something.

Then, a couple of years ago, I tried planting zucchini and they lived and flourished!  The curse had somehow been broken!  The next year, we tried tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers and guess what?  They lived!  This year I’m going all out and planting flowers, squash, peas, tomatoes and cucumbers.  I know I’m kind of repeating myself, but I am trying to wrap my own brain around the fact that I, the killer of plants, can grow a few vegetables and they don’t just wither and die immediately!

I am especially excited for the peas.  I do love peas and fresh ones are wonderful!  I have been guarding them with my life.  They are getting pods on them now so it won’t be long!

I hope I gave you a few pointers on how to grow vegetables here, there and everywhere even if your pets like to eat everything.  If I didn’t teach you anything new, that’s okay!  My garden is ALIVE!

Some of my pea plants along the fence. YUM

Some of my pea plants along the fence. YUM


6 thoughts on “How to Have a Garden With Dogs Who Eat Anything

  1. This reminds me of the first Halloween we had our Zoot, who back then would chew anything. I asked the guy at the pumpkin patch whether our dog might try to eat the pumpkin. Never in his experience, he said. And he seemed like he knew. Needless to say, Zoot chewed the top off a $30 pumpkin in one afternoon. Fun post!

    • Our Duke will even eat rocks if not supervised closely. He’s actually a clever dog most of the time, but not where his stomach is concerned!

  2. Genius is what you are! We have more than our puppy to worry about when it comes to a garden…squirrels, racoons and such raid everyone’s yard. A kennel would be the key! Thanks so much for this piece of gold!

    • hehe you’re welcome! The raccoons around here don’t bother the gardens much but they eat all the cat food we set out. I guess that’s a fair trade-off…lol.

  3. I wish I had enough sun to grow vegetables (I live in on a densely wooded lot – the shade is wonderful for keeping the house cool in the summer, but the only things I can plant/grow are wildflowers and groundcover and perennials like hosta and bleeding hearts). I am compiling a list of things my ‘retirement property’ absolutely MUST HAVE – a sunny space for a vegetable garden is at the top of my list (in the meantime, I buy fresh peas and tomatoes at the local farmer’s market). I hope you get to enjoy your own veggies.

    • Oh but living in a wooded lot would be heaven to me! I guess we trade one thing for another, don’t we? I bet your flowers are beautiful.

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