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I Like to Sing

This looks just like me, except for the hair, clothes, face and I’m fatter.
(image from coloring-pages.tv)

I recently told a fellow blogger, Merbear at Knocked Over by a Feather, that I like to sing.  I am constantly singing while at work.  I am a nanny, so most of the time the kids don’t mind.  The younger ones even enjoy it.  At least I think they do.  They stop and stare at me while I’m doing it, funny little half grins on their faces.  So, I guess they are enjoying it.  Or, they are trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with me.

I know a wide variety of songs.  Well, as long as the songs are from Disney movies or nursery rhymes.  I don’t know many songs that are suitable for adults.  The majority of my life is spent with kids six and younger, so my social skills and abilities are still centered on preschool and Kindergarten age.  Which suits me as I am kind of a big baby.


I hum and sing silly kid songs so often that I do it without thinking.  My daughter and I were out in our back yard, playing with the dog when I suddenly burst into song.  It was one from the Disney Aladdin movie.  I was trotting happily along with my dog singing at the top of my lungs.  My daughter started waving frantically at me, so I trotted over to her to see what was up.

Our neighbor was at the fence petting one of her cats.  She is a nice person, but I could just picture her trying desperately to not laugh at me.  There is no way she did not hear me.  She probably thought I was drunk or something.

I also like to torture the 9-year-old girl I watch.  She HATES little kid songs, especially ones that came from Barney.  So, with that information at hand, I find it necessary to sing those songs once in a while.  You know, when she least expects it.  I love the rolling of the eyes and the grimace.  It’s just entirely too much fun.  I even invite her to join me in the merriment!  Her little brother happily joins in as it gives him great joy to torture her.  That’s a little brother’s privilege.

What about you?  Do you like to sing to yourself?  Are you a shower singer?  Do you belt out Disney songs like there is no tomorrow?  I know I’m not the only one!  Come on and admit it!


20 thoughts on “I Like to Sing

  1. Luv the singer picture! What a FUN voice you have…..(pun. I’d meant writing voice, but the word suits the post). Singing keeps you healthy and that wonderful environment in which you take care of the littles SUNNY.

  2. I sing to myself all the time. I used to have a truck that had no radio in it. So when the kids and I were in it we sang. Old camp songs, Disney songs, Bealtes songs, Christmas songs (any time of year). I do like to belt them out in the car. Or if I’m at a Beatles tribute show with merbear. But I didn’t say I sing well.

  3. I like to sing too, but none of my grown children want me to do it in front of them. The grandchildren were okay with it when they were younger – I’m not so sure now!

  4. I am a trained singer ( But don’t sing)
    I am a trained Karaoke compair and DJ
    When there is a Karaoke on the go, I keep the Mic, they let me.
    I stand there for an hour belting out whatever 🙂
    I love to sing to people.
    Strange thing here. I thought singing infront of 300/400 people would freak me out. It didn’t. Singing to ONE PERSON, My vocal coach, KILLED ME. I just couldn’t do it. I manage now. She is a pretty girl, so singing to her is very intimate, in a strange way. I sang this to her…and the rule is “TOTAL EYE CONTACT” ok. I have to, she plays the piano, I stand in-front of her, and eye contact, so I am not looking at the words..
    I sang this here, I love this version of the song, so I decided on this

    It was the most awkward moment of my life. She is a beautiful woman, with eyes that kill you. And I had to sing this for her, to her. I felt in love 🙂
    But this is the way you get voice trained, you got to be able to get over the challenges that are always there.

    I never sing to myself. I sit both my girls on my knee and sing to them all the time.
    I got both to sing Rolling in the Deep by Adele, they are 2 and 4 years old. So they are my Audience I guess when I practice. lol

    This is my story of singing.. x

    • Your story is much better than mine! I just sing silly things and have had little training. I was in choir and went to contests and such when I was in high school, but other than that, no formal training.

      • I was forced into a drunken Karaoke Contest, and won it, 🙂
        Kinda went from there. It is just for Fun…Learning the Guitar also. Hard thing to learn. Want to buy it 🙂 lol

  5. I LOVE to sing – but I can’t carry a tune! When my boys were little, I used to sing them to sleep (I often wondered if they fell asleep out of self-preservation – so they wouldn’t have to listen to my off key renditions of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ or ‘The Teddy Bears’ Picnic’). Now I pop a CD in the player and sing while I’m doing housework or cooking. I have a nifty little MP3 player I wear (with headphones) when I’m gardening and sometimes my husband has to tap me on the shoulder and ‘warn’ me that I’m singing along OUT LOUD. I just can’t help myself! The world would be a happier place is everyone ‘sang along’.

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