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My daughter and I both really love cats.  Ours always were indoor ones for the most part, but when we had to move, they had to adjust to the outside world.  We bought a cat hut and got boxes which we wrapped in insulation and plastic wrap.  Then, we bought heaters for the houses.  It was going fine until every cat in the city decided to adopt us.  Of course, we had to name all the strays that started eating the food we put out for our cats!


Well, in October, this very cute black kitten showed up on our porch.  She was about 3 months old and very wild!  We could not get close enough to her to catch her, so we just left her alone.  About two months ago, it became very apparent, she was going to have kittens.  Seven weeks ago, my daughter indeed found four kittens in one of the boxes on our porch.  I love kittens!  But, what I don’t love is that the mommy will probably have several litters a year, and making sure all those cats get a good home is going to be hard.   We are so dang poor, I’m not sure how we are going to get her surgery done, but we will do it one way or another!


Three of the kittens are very active and healthy.  The little black one is the runt and is so thin and has gooey eyes.  That’s never a good sign.  A local cat rescue might take the three healthy kittens but they won’t have a thing to do with the runt.  Not sure what that says about them, but I guess I kind of understand.  Sort of.  A little.


Since having the kittens, my daughter has spent a lot of time just sitting near them and after the kittens were walking, she helped keep them gathered up.  The mom cat was going crazy trying to keep them all in the box!  This must have made her decide we are not so bad, because suddenly we can pet her.  As a matter of fact, she is almost annoying with wanting attention when we step out our door!  Now, she even tries to get into the house.  A complete turn around from what she was before.  So, of course, we are keeping her!  We just need to name her, now.  I just call her momma right now.


Here is a picture of the cute little things!


Picture 026


11 thoughts on “Kittens!

  1. They are adorable! If I didn’t already have six of my own (by accident) and about another six that visit the barn feedroom at night, I would take two of them off your hands.

  2. Not a Cat fan, but they are cute, no argument.
    I like dogs better, more interaction. But having never had a cat in my house as a Kid or an Adults I may be wrong.
    Tell a dog to sit, it sits, Tell a cat to sit it looks at me 🙂

    Cute cats though x

    • some cats are boring, but we’ve had some with tons of character. We have a calico that will play fetch. You bounce a small ball and she chases it and brings it back! I do love dogs, too, but for my busy life cats make more sense as they don’t require as much upkeep..lol

  3. We have a ‘no kill’ shelter in our city; that’s where I went to get my two cats last fall. At the time they had 65 cats/kittens up for adoption – I wanted to bring them ALL home (I love cats but two was my limit; I keep them indoors). They’re holding a special adoption day (reduced adoption fees and a free ‘starter kit’) this summer because they are over-crowed. So sad to see so many adorable cats and kittens without ‘forever’ homes. It will be hard to let those babies go!

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