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I Hope I Find My Brain Soon

Okay so first of all, yes, I did change the theme again.  My daughter really loved the chalkboard one and I did too, but it would be better suited for my preschool blog.  This blog has no rhyme or reason and I need a silly and fun theme.  So, I did what every good mom would do and waited until her back was turned and changed it.  I like this one.  It’s called Crafty.  I am NOT crafty in the sense that I can make things, but I can be a crafty person, if you get my drift.   Besides, it has a funny apple that appears to be talking!  See? It has a chat bubble!  What’s not to like about that.


You might be asking yourself…self, what does that have to do with Kathy losing her brain and she hopes she finds it?


Very good question.


Things have been crazy busy and I have been feeling so overwhelmed that I have had two melt- downs in the last week.  I decided to toss my brain out for a while and just survive.  I need to get through the next few months somehow!  My current job ends in about 7 weeks and still no prospects of a new one.  Keeping up with work, the huge to-do list around here, and at least finding a few minutes a day to try to read the wonderful blogs I follow is becoming impossible.  So, I turned off the old brain.


Now, I can’t find it again.  It’s there someplace and will return soon.


So, if I don’t respond to a comment right away, or seem to be neglecting reading posts, it’s not you, it’s me.  I hope to be in better working order soon and I might have something of interest to say!


Until then,  I will annoy everyone with random and pointless posts (like this one), and change my theme regularly.   Just ’cause I can.




Have a good rest of your Sunday.


10 thoughts on “I Hope I Find My Brain Soon

  1. You definitely need to rest or vacation the brain occassionally. Sometimes it gets off on vacation and decides not to come back for a while. Maybe yours will come back with a new job in tow.

  2. Love the new crafty look… and I hope you enjoy a vacation from anxiety while taking a break from your brain. Maybe the time apart will do you good!

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