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Even More Kids Book Titles!

puzzle fun“Help Me With This Puzzle!”

The story of a two year old girl who loves to do puzzles and wants help with them.  When the adult, or older child, tries to help, she yells at them for touching the puzzle pieces.  Trying to explain to the little girl that she needs to match shapes and colors to create a picture has unpredictable results!  Read the story to find out if the puzzle ever gets finished.

“I’m Bored, What Can I Do?”

Oh, the joys of summer vacation.  Meet three adorable kids and find out how they fill their hours during summer break.  Most days are spent repeatedly nagging the care provider to suggest activities.  Despite her numerous suggestions, these poor children remain bored.  Will they come up with enough ideas to make it through the summer?  Will the care provider snap and start drinking on the job?  Read the book to find out!

These are my two best ideas at this time.  I’m sure I will add to the list as the summer progresses.  Once my brain returns (see previous post to find out where my brain is ) I really should start writing a book from a nanny’s prospective!  I do have tales to tell!


One thought on “Even More Kids Book Titles!

  1. We didn’t make it out of the month of June before I heard the “b” word — bored. Summer vacation may be just a little too long. I think you should pursue that nanny memoir!

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