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My Brother’s…Mother?

My younger brother just turned 48 this week.  I am 55.  Yes, I am 7 years older and at our ages 7 years can do a lot to a body.  I am about 75% gray in the hair now.  I don’t dye my hair as I see no point to it.  I have earned those grays!  Some were gifted to me by my children as I raised them, and some were self-inflicted.  I show them off proudly.  I do look older than I am, I always have.  This came in very handy when going out with friends when I was young.  I could pass right through the door at bars without having to show ID while my friends had to whip out their driver’s licenses to prove their age.  Now, it’s not so great.  Who wants to look 65 when you are 55?

Due to illness, my brother can’t drive, so I take him to all of his appointments.  Everywhere we go, it is assumed I am his mother.  The doctors, nurses, the nice lady at H&R Block where my brother gets his taxes done.  All assume I am his mother.  He gets a kick out of it.  I thought it funny the first time, but each additional time it happens, the humor diminishes.   I think it might be time to dye my hair and really try to get into a bit better shape.  It just sounds like an awful lot of work to me!


Another option would be to get a T-Shirt that says “NO! I am NOT his mother!” printed in bold letters.  Then, when the inevitable happens,  and someone politely asks if mom is going to join him, I can snarl and point to my shirt!


What do you think?  Dye job or T-Shirt and a snarl?


12 thoughts on “My Brother’s…Mother?

  1. My brother is 5 years younger than me; he’s been mistaken for my OLDER brother and my husband (our kids – his girl, my boy – are only 2 days apart in age). He gets angry when this happens; I giggle impulsively. I must admit that I do dye my hair (I’ve been going grey since 16) but I wonder how much longer I will bother (I’m almost 60). Do what feels right – that’s the key!

    • Well, I would but he has cancer and the chemo took all of his hair. But! I could get some silver paint and paint some on! That is an idea. He has a great sense of humor so he would probably let me! hehe

  2. I say “yes” to getting into a bit better shape, because that’s always a good idea. But I say “no” to dying your hair just because society is trying to force you to. Hair colour really does make a difference though, but if I were you, I’d go for the shirt instead of dying my hair. It does seem like you don’t really care about the colour and you’re actually proud to have the grays, and to me that’s cool!

  3. I don’t dye my hair for the same reasons you don’t. My husband is 7 years younger than I, with no gray hair and I am often mistaken for his mother. I’m still not dying my hair. He’ll catch up eventually . Loved the post.

  4. Oh, a Tee and a snarl…they get my vote. I was once shopping with my older brother and had my three little one’s along. My brother was a swinging bachelor at the time and proud of it.

    At the register, the clerk looked at my handsome brother and commented, “Oh, those little darlings look just like you, Dad.”

    My brother snarled and said, “Uncle…I’m their Uncle.”

    Of course, I was laughing my butt off the whole way home!

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