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Nanny Responsibilities

This might be a strange place to do this, but I am information gathering.  I am hoping some parents or fellow daycare providers will chime in and give opinions!

I have been in the child care business for over 25 years.  I had a home based daycare for years, and then switched to being a nanny.  I am currently looking for a new position as my current job will be ending in August after watching these wonderful children for seven years!  I am very sad at leaving, but kids tend to grow up, the little buggers!

Here is what I am coming across as I search for my next job.  It seems that there is a lot of people wanting a housekeeper along with the daycare of the kids.  Now, I always clean up our messes, do dishes and sometimes help with the laundry for the kids.  That should just go along with the nanny duties as they are child related.  But, when you start throwing in entire house cleaning, dinner prep for the entire family, family laundry and errand running, well, that is more in the area of a Mother’s Helper.  I would gladly do all of that as I like to keep very busy, but I would also expect to be paid more than $17.00 to $20.00 a day.  Especially since almost all of these ‘job offers’ will not provide transportation.

Actually, it would be a mistake for me to prepare dinner for the entire family as I basically am a crappy cook.  But, that’s another story.  Anyway…

Here is what I offer when I nanny for a family:

Basic care of the child/children

Educate the children, every child I watch is more than ready for school by age 5

Social and emotional training (let’s face it, we do need to prepare our kids to properly interact with others)

Making choices and the consequences of those choices

Cleaning any mess we create during the day (usually I go above and beyond)

Help with the laundry of the child/children I watch

Transport to activities (with compensation for gas)

My current charge is $23.00/day for one child and $5.00/day for each sibling


If someone wants a house keeper to go along with the duties, so be it.  I would be interested in doing that, but I think I should be paid for the extra duties.  Just because I love what I do, doesn’t mean I don’t need to make a living and my time is and effort is worth something!


If you have a nanny, or children in daycare, I would very much appreciate your opinions on this.  Am I offering enough as a nanny?  Have the expectations changed?  What would be your list of duties for a nanny if you have/had one?  Would you be willing to pay a little more to have your entire house cleaned on a weekly basis?  Would you pay more for me to grocery shop and do other errands?


As I said, I am information gathering and would love to hear from some of you.


5 thoughts on “Nanny Responsibilities

  1. I think what people like you do is AMAZING..
    My partner was starting, (a year in and had a placement) for Childcare in a Nursery for kids as young as months old and Dawn LOVED IT. But she pined and wanted a baby of her own, we had two as you know.

    I think if you get a job where you are running the house also, I would be asking for $50 a day. What would say would be a good daily take home pay?

    Shaun x

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