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How To Fix A Clogged Pipe In Your Bathroom Sink

I wish I had photos of this as I think they would really tell the tale.  The story you are about to read is true, the names have NOT been changed because none of us are innocent.


The sink in the bathroom was completely clogged.  Not a drop would go down.  I got some heavy-duty drain opener and it just sat in the sink with the water…nothing happened.  I tried our sink snake, but it was just a little too big to go into the hole.  After a minute of deep thoughts I had an idea.  I decided to try something new (well, new to me).  I dragged the hose through the house and shoved the end an inch or two down the drain.  I then hollered at my son who cranked the water to full force.

Now, one would think that when he heard my screams of surprise and terror, he would have turned the water off immediately..but no.  I had to gather my wits enough to yell, “TURN IT OFF NOW!”

He ran to the bathroom to find a very wet and drippy mom standing in a wet and drippy bathroom, glaring at him through soggy eyes.  He then suddenly remembered something very important he had to do.  mad person

I had two choices.  Call a plumber (on a Sunday, no less) or try to fix this thing myself.  I was running a home daycare at the time so I had to have this thing working by morning.  I remembered my mom has plumbing tools, so I borrowed those and zoomed back home with them, all confident this thing would be fixed in no time.  I would open the pipe and remove the clog, and put the pipe back on.  Easy-peasy lemon- squeezy.  I tightened the pipe wrench on that sucker and gave a good yank.

CRACK!  The pipe broke in half.  Thank goodness I was smart enough to turn the water off before I started or this would have been a real disaster.  Off to Grover’s (a plumbing store) I went.  I bought a bathroom sink kit (they actually have those!)  and headed home.  I removed the broken pipes (and removed the small plastic animal toy that had been shoved into said pipe) and put on the new ones.  It wasn’t quite long enough to connect with the pipe going through the wall.  I took the new pipes back off and headed back to Grover’s.  I talked to someone there and he got me the correct repair kit.  Off home I went!  I was getting kind of tired by this time.

As I was tightening up the last of the nuts (bolts? whatever you call those things. I have no idea about how to do this stuff or what things are called), CRACK!  it broke.

I spent some time in a dark place, saying dark things.  It was well into Sunday afternoon by now and I had to get this thing fixed.  Off to Grover’s I went and explained to the nice man who sold me the kit that the *$&^#( thing broke while I was tightening it.  He told me I probably applied too much pressure.  I met his eyes with my own bloodshot ones, and he promptly gave me another kit, free of charge.

ZOOM! home I went and got the sink all fixed up nice and neat.  It leaked a little at the joints, but I was prepared for that.  I had water proof electricians tape, and I taped the joints all up.  I turned on the water and tried it out and it worked!  The water zoomed down the drain and no leaks.

I was happy and my kids felt it was safe to be around me again.

That evening, as I was preparing for bed, I opened the medicine cabinet above the sink to get the toothpaste.  I must have bumped the small box containing the necklace that belonged to my great-grandmother because it fell into the sink.  The lid popped off and the necklace slid very quickly toward the drain.  Now, I know you are supposed to have something to cover the drain, but this sink had none.  It was just a dark hole that went down to the depths of wherever sink water goes.  My reaction time was just a fraction of a second too slow.  The necklace slid out of sight.  I cried.  No kidding, I cried.  I peeked into the hole using a flashlight and I could see it!  I yelled to my kids to not touch the sink so water wouldn’t wash it down.

camera battery died, so I drew a quick picture.

camera battery died, so I drew a quick picture.

I grabbed the tools, and despite the late hour, I set to work.  I was NOT going to lose that necklace!  It took a few minutes to remove the gobs of tape from around the joints, but I got it!  I took it all apart and saved the necklace!  Now, I had to put it all back together again.  I carefully turned the wrench to tighten and…

CRACK!  The whole pipe cracked.  These things must be made of the thinnest material possible!  My kids fled the scene.  They knew to get too close to me at that moment was dangerous.  I had no choice but to use the cracked pipe as it was about 11 pm and I had to get to bed.   I taped that sucker together with my handy-dandy electricians tape.  I put the sink back together, taping the joints and it worked!  No leaks at all.  For good measure, I got a new role of tape out and taped every inch of pipe under the sink.

That same pipe was still there years later when we left that house.  It never had a leak.  Amazing.

And that, my friends, is how you replace the pipes on your bathroom sink.


4 thoughts on “How To Fix A Clogged Pipe In Your Bathroom Sink

    How did stress not make you kill 🙂
    I had a day like that involving a Washing Machine door!!!
    Ahh the memories and shouting at my poor Dawn that day 😦

    In the end I bought an new washing machine … lol

    That story made me laugh.. I am sorry..
    At the time I bet you were ablaze with anger…
    I hope you can see the funny side now..

    Shaun x

      • YUP…Same..
        When it comes to being the “Man who can fix stuff”
        I can only fix computers or Laptops..
        Other stuff..Useless…
        I am DELIGHTED both my sons tool Electical, Joinery and painting and wallpapering as early college courses..
        They do it all for me 🙂
        As, yes, it END BADLY! lol


  2. I spent some time in a dark place, saying dark things.” Oh heavens, how I can relate! This is a wonderful story! I wonder how long after you left the pipe lasted? Sometimes the ‘quickest’ repairs work the best.


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