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An Interview With Peter’s Preschool Teacher

A while back, I thought of some interesting topics concerning children to write about.  If you would like to review that post, you will find it here.  This post is going to concentrate on Peter Picks His Nose.  It will be from the perspective of Peter’s preschool teacher, Miss Brown.


Nose Clip Art

Miss brown gently dabbed her eyes with the tissue she had clutched in her hand.  She was visibly upset, but remained in control, for the most part.  I felt bad for her.  I hate seeing people upset.

“Tell me about Peter.  What behavior has you so upset?  Take your time if you need to, I have all day.”  I gently prodded.

She sighed heavily and nodded.  “Okay.  Well, I guess it was just the surprise of it all.  The not knowing when and where it would show up.  I could be having a wonderful day, when suddenly…BOOM!  There it was!”  She became agitated and shifted in her chair.

I put a reassuring hand on her arm.  “It’s okay, calm down.  Now, what would show up?  What exactly has you so upset?”

Miss Brown gave me a thin smile.  “I’m fine, really.  It’s just that sometimes I get flashbacks and those horrible feelings come crashing in on me.”  She gave another sigh and calmed herself before continuing.  “I would find them on the walls, on paper, on the backs of chairs, and on the table.  The table!  Where we ate!  I even found one on my purse!  I tried to explain to Peter that it was unacceptable and the behavior had to stop, but he wouldn’t listen.  It happened every day he was here.  I finally snapped and told his parents I couldn’t watch him anymore.  They had to find a different preschool for him.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”  I said.  “What did you find all over?”


“BOOGERS!”  Miss Brown screamed and I nearly fell off my chair in surprise.  “He picks his nose constantly and has a never-ending supply of the green goo! Boogers all over!  Oh, the germs!  Oh, the disease!  It makes me sick!”


With that outburst done, Miss brown covered her eyes and sobbed uncontrollably.  I thought it was a good time to tip-toe out of the room and give her some privacy.


On my way out of the school, I had to stop at the restroom.  Not because I had to go, but because I suddenly had the urge to clean out my nose.  All that talk of boogers got my nose itching!




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