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A Much Needed Chuckle

Tonight I checked the stats on my blog.  I don’t check it often and I rarely notice the search terms.  Tonight there was one that made my daughter and I roll with laughter.   Keep in mind that I am short and chubby and we have a Saint Bernard.  And the search term was…


Skinny grannies and lap dogs


That struck me as so funny!  I bet that person was a little disappointed!  Or, maybe it’s opposite day and I just didn’t get the memo.


Just too funny.  I needed the chuckle.




4 thoughts on “A Much Needed Chuckle

  1. I’m never quite sure how some of the search terms I see listed actually drive people to my blog – maybe the programmers at Google have a really warped sense of humour when it comes to making a ‘connection’ between search terms and topics.

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