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SouthParkAvatar  Sometimes people (mostly imaginary ones) ask me for advice.  They also like to get into my head and pick at my infinite pearls of wisdom. Here are some common questions I get from people.

“GrannyK, why are people so bad?”

“Well,” says I, “I believe there is more good than bad in almost everyone.  It’s just that the rules are so complicated that it can get confusing.  There are too many gray areas that mix with the green areas (good behavior) and red areas (bad behavior) that it gets complicated.  I try to see only the green areas first, and then sort out the gray matter and toss it aside.  Next question?”

“Thank you GrannyK!  I think that (confuses me more) clears that up.  My next question is why does time sometimes go fast and other times it seems so slow?  Does time really change?”

I had to laugh at that one.

“Of course it changes.”  I giggled, “There are two invisible beings that control time for you.  Every person has their own beings.  I really think the mean one is stronger than the strong one because when life is hard the time seems to almost stand still.  When life is fun and easy, time just flies by!  This tells me that Mr or Ms Meany Pants has more control than Mr or Ms Sweety Pie.”

“What!  That can’t be right!”

I laughed hard and slapped my knee.

“GrannyK is just messing with you.  Time does not change.  Each minute, hour, day month and year are the same, more or less.  It’s just a state of mind.  When life is hard you think things will never change and you just wait and wait for a miracle to happen.  You dread your existence and have negative thoughts.  When life is being kind and you are having fun, your thoughts are light and you smile and laugh.  You are not waiting for the miracle and your thoughts are positive.  I don’t know how that makes time seem to change speed, but it does.”

“Thank you GrannyK.  Now, …”

“Sorry, imaginary people, GrannyK is out of time for today.  Come back again another time for more life lessons.”


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