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Ask GrannyK (Birds)

SouthParkAvatarI know a young girl who loves birds.  She has spent two of her seven years of life studying them and reading every book she can get her hands on to learn about them.  She can identify every bird she sees and give you a pretty good idea of habitat, calls, etc.  Dang smarty pants, anyway.  So, when she posed a question, I had to answer as truthfully as I could.

“GrannyK,” She said.  “Aren’t birds wonderful?  Aren’t they pretty?”

In answer, I looked to the sky.  I watched as a Robin innocently glided overhead, his red chest glowing.  To a casual observer, the bird appeared to not notice the humans below.  But, he didn’t fool me.  I know what he was after.  Let me explain further…

Birds are beautiful creatures, that much I will agree to.  Some are fascinating and others are darn cute.  I don’t deny that.  But, they don’t fool me.  I know what they are looking for.


“GrannyK, what are they looking for?”  You might ask.

Good question!  I will tell you what they are looking for.  A freshly washed car!  They hover and wait for you to get done washing your car.  As soon as your back is turned…BAM!  There it is!  imagespoop


So, yes, birds are pretty and I suppose in some ways they are wonderful.  It’s just too bad I see their evil side, too.


9 thoughts on “Ask GrannyK (Birds)

    • Thank you for reading. Now, please excuse me, I need to get the window cleaner and clean up a mess on the windshield before I head out to work….O_0

  1. A bird pooped on me twice in one day some years ago. The second poop might have come from a different bird than the first one, but it wasn’t funny either time.

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