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I Love An Honest Two-Year Old

Yes, this is yet another story about a child I care for.  I know, I know…you are probably saying, “Come on GrannyK! Enough already!”

Too bad, here is another story anyway!

I need to make up names for the kids I watch.  This particular child will be three in October.  She is adorable, very smart and brutally honest.  I love it!  Her facial expressions as she talks just mesmerizes me.  I will call her Missy K.  She had a difficult day today.  She has a baby brother, I will call him Baby K, and he is seven months old.  She has been to other houses and played with children, but she is not as used to other kids coming to her house and playing with her things.

Missy K is the one in the middle

Missy K is the one in the middle

Starting this week, we are having a three-year old boy come twice a week to do preschool with Missy K and this also gives her another child to play with.  We can call him Pete.  He is a tiny bit on the serious side and actually kind of quiet for his age.  A very sweet little guy.  Missy K was excited to have company, and it went okay the first morning.  She was a little stressed to have her toys messed with, but she handled it fine.  This morning was another story altogether.  She was taking toys away and yelling at poor Pete.  She wanted to play dolls and Pete did not want to play dolls.  He wanted to play with the train set we brought with us today.  That made Missy K very mad!

Of course, I had a couple of gentle talks with her to explain the situation, and gave guidance on how she should behave.  I set the consequences for her if she continued her behavior.  Well, being a stubborn and feisty child, she quickly let me know how she felt about that.  She started yelling at me.  She let me know she was mad at me.  Fine, she can be mad.  I showed her where she could go when she felt too angry.  It was at the very end of the hallway and well away from where Pete was playing.  That gave her some space and privacy but I could also easily see where she was and what she was doing.

I don’t know how many times she ended up grabbing her favorite blanket and announcing that she didn’t want to play because she was too angry.  She marched to her spot and sat there, seething in anger.  I have to hand it to her, she never hit, pushed or name-called.  She went to the spot I told her to cool off in every time.

When her father got home, she let him know she didn’t have the best day and she didn’t want Pete to come over tomorrow.  I explained what happened.  I then listened as dad talked to her.

“Did you share your toys with Pete today Missy K”, says dad.

A brief silence, and then.  “No.”  Was all Missy K said.

“When Pete comes on Monday, are you going to be nice and share your toys?”  Asked dad.

Missy K stares at him for about fifteen seconds.  I could actually see the thought process and I know what she was doing.  Should she tell the truth and risk being in trouble, or should she lie?

She finally shakes her head, and with a very confident voice she says, “I don’t know if I can do that.”

“Why?”  asked dad.

This is where her line of thinking got a little confusing.  I think she couldn’t figure out a good answer, so she grasped for straws.

“Because the rain drops are coming down.”

I have no idea what that had to do with it, but dad left it at that.  I think he was lost, too.

I have cared for this child since she was born, and I know she will adjust and be fine.   This experience is actually very good for her.  With a lot of positive reinforcement and a few more days of this under her belt, she will be a happy camper.  She is a lot of fun, and just cracks me up, sometimes!


7 thoughts on “I Love An Honest Two-Year Old

  1. My Daughter Chloe is 3 had her first day at Nursery last week, Day 2, she pushed a boy over. Told to sit in the “Bad Chair” and a few more things since. I hope she grows out of this. Her big Sister is the nursery year above. Before we know it we will have angry parents annoying us. We discipline hard, the girl doesn’t care…
    …Hard work this one..

    Good blog.. x

  2. Oh she sounds so much my little 2 1/2 year old. She is so bossy, especially towards her boy friends. She even got so upset with one recently that she put him on the naughty step!

    • she is so tiny, so when she gets like this, it really cracks me up. Just a tiny bundle of bossy. I know it won’t be so funny when she’s older, but I think we can work out a few things between now and then.

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