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How To Spice Up Your Work Day

Actually, the post title should be “How I Spice Up My Work Day”.  The word spice in this case actually means…make your day 100% harder than it has to be.  Here is an example…

I arrived at work at approximately 7:30 am only to find out the 2-year-old in my care had a tummy virus that he was just getting over.  Said child (I shall call him Mister E) was a little whiny and cranky.  So was I because I really don’t like catching tummy viruses from the kids.  The morning went okay and he actually took a nap before lunch.  He woke up full of energy and obviously feeling better.

The time came to load up the kids to take Mister E’s sister, Missy E, to afternoon Kindergarten.  I had to put the car seats in the car, which took about twenty minutes because Mister E kept dashing off all over the neighborhood and I had to chase him down repeatedly.  I finally got the seats in the car and then it was another five minute struggle to get the child into the seat and strapped in.  We barely made it in time for school!  With Missy E safely delivered to school, Mister E and I made our way back to the car.  That is when all hell broke loose!

He did not want to get in his car seat (as always), so he started jumping all over the car.  First, he was in the driver’s seat, and then he leaped to the passenger seat.  I almost had him, but he is a very fast child and he squirmed out of my grasp!  He tried to get past me and to freedom, but I caught him and finally pinned him into his car seat.  He thought the whole thing was funny and giggled as I strapped him in.  With a huge sigh of relief, I closed the car door and heard the…BEEP…indicating the doors just locked.

I froze in place, a cold terror seeping into my blood.

I timidly checked my pockets and my worst fear was realized.  During the struggle to get Mister E into his car seat, I must have dropped the keys.  A look into the car window confirmed this.   There they were, all snuggled up on the passenger seat of the car.  I was locked out and Mister E was locked into the car in the 90 degree heat.  My spare key was hanging securely at home, about 5 miles away.

I ran to the school office and explained what had happened and that I needed to call a locksmith.  The lady (very nice lady) saw my distress and promptly called the police.  I had a mild heart attack because I didn’t know you could get arrested for accidentally locking a child in a car.  She explained that if the police called the locksmith, they would respond much faster.

Within about four minutes there were two police cars, two officers, and a small crowd of people standing around my car.  They said if Mister E showed any signs of difficulty from the heat, or if the locksmith took more than ten minutes to arrive, they would break a window to get him out.  They could see my agitation at the whole thing and actually teased me and seemed to be having a wonderful time!  I was not feeling so wonderful.

The locksmith arrived a couple of minutes later and had the door open in about fifteen seconds.  What’s more, he didn’t even charge for it!  So, it was a happy ending for all.  Mister E was fine.  He was a little sweaty, but mostly just confused.  I bet he wondered what the heck was going on!  He got stickers from the police officers.  They put them on his shirt, and he promptly said “NO!” and ripped them back off.  He kept staring at them with a look that said he clearly did not like them talking to him.

The rest of the day was uneventful, although I was nervous to tell his mom what happened.  I’ve only been working for this family for a few weeks, and some people have a real aversion to you locking kids into very hot vehicles!  She understood and didn’t seem upset.  She was happy I responded quickly and it turned out fine.

Just another typical day in my life.


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