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Someone Give Me Some Cheese With My Whine!

Yes, I am going to whine like the chubby old lady I am.  I am a weak person and I just need to bore you with the details!  That usually helps.  so, here goes…

Thumbs Down 6On September 12 at 3:00 a.m., my brother passed away in our home.  He fought cancer with every ounce of his strength and was the bravest human being I have every known.  No complaints or self-pity, even during the last two weeks when it was getting very bad and painful for him.  It was an experience I never, ever want to go through again but I fear I will have to eventually.


Thumbs Down 6On September 14, my mom fell and really hurt her arm.  We spent hours in the Emergency Room.  She is lucky that she has very strong bones or this would have been a lot worse!  Her right arm and hand are swollen like a balloon and she peeled a huge chunk of skin off her arm.  It has caused her considerable pain over the last week, but it is healing.  She has been to the doctor three times over the last week to keep an eye out for infection as she is very prone to getting them easily.


Thumbs Up 07On September 18 and 19 we had family over to celebrate my brother’s life.  While they were here, we cleaned out his shed and dispersed belongings according to my brother’s wishes.  I did enjoy the company even though it was a lot of work, so this gets a thumbs up.



Thumbs Down 6September 22, I started feeling very queasy in my stomach.  It turned into a two day stomach virus.  With the way things are going, it will go through the family like wild fire, and I am worried for my mom!


I am looking forward to a very boring and uneventful week!  Next week will be the one, I just know it!  Now, please send me the cheese!


19 thoughts on “Someone Give Me Some Cheese With My Whine!

  1. Condolences on the death of your brother. That must have been hard on your mother, and then to have a broken arm on top of it all. Hope you and your mom are doing better now.

    • Thank you so much. My mom is still having a hard time with her arm. She has her 4th doctor appt for it on Tuesday. Poor thing. She is still very sad and misses her son, but I think she is handling things very well.

  2. So sorry for your loss, you seem to be coping ok by reading what you say..
    Death is never easy, expected or not… Sending you a BIG HUG Like Mer above..


  3. I’m so sorry. I know you’ll miss your brother very much. I do not see this as whining at all, but rather the stating of some sad things that have happened. I admire your restraint… there’s not a note of complaint in this post. And the understated way in which you shared the most difficult, challenging, and heartwrenching events any of us can ever face is quite strong. You know how to persevere… and in a great way, lady!

  4. Oh dear. What a time you’ve had. Sorry about the loss of your brother. Hope you mom is in much less pain too.
    Nice play on words for your title. Made me smile a teeny bit until I read the bad news. Unload anyway to can to keep your own health. 🙂

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